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The AfMA Personal Development Online Course Learning Library, brough to you by Isuzu UTE, is a valuable resource designed to empower individuals and organisations to prioritise Emotional Intelligence as a key driver of success.  

 It offers a structured approach to personal development, making it accessible to organisations of all sizes by providing a comprehensive set of courses and resources for enhancing EI and, by extension, overall personal and professional growth. 

Here’s a breakdown of how the AfMA Personal Development Online Course Learning Library works:  

Accessing the Courses 

Firstly, this $60,000 library is free for AfMA corporate members whilst supplier members will pay an annual licence fee of $2,000 plus GST

The journey begins with an organisation’s commitment to invest in the personal and professional development of its team members. To access the AfMA Personal Development Online Course Learning Library, organisations typically start by signing a license agreement with the Australasian Fleet Management Association.  

 Receiving the Personal Development Series Learning Library 

Organisations can now gain access to the rich and diverse Personal Development Series Learning Library. This library is a treasure trove of educational content, carefully curated to address a wide range of personal and professional development topics. While it may not have anything to do with cars, its content is designed to empower individuals to become the best versions of themselves. 

The Learning Library consists of 13 sessions (with more to be added in the future) with a duration of 60 minutes. Each session offers unique insights, fundamental strategies, and unique solutions that can help ignite careers mobility. There are also knowledge checks along the way that can help fortify the learning journey. 

Importing the Courses (SCORM Files) into Your Learning Management System 

 The integration of AfMA’s courses into an organisation’s Learning Management System (LMS) is a straightforward yet essential step. AfMA likely provides these courses in SCORM format, a widely recognised e-learning standard. The SCORM files contain structured course content, allowing seamless integration into the organisation’s existing learning infrastructure. This integration empowers administrators and learners to conveniently access the courses, track progress, and monitor results. 

 You can then allocate the sessions to staff managers based on their individual development plans. This allows for creating a centralised and structured learning environment. It empowers organisations to efficiently manage and monitor the progress of individual learners, making it easy to track which courses have been completed, assess comprehension, and identify areas where additional development is needed.  

Engaging in Continuous Learning and Development 

The journey towards personal development is an ongoing process. AfMA’s Learning Library provides a dynamic and evolving curriculum, enabling individuals to engage in continuous learning. Participants can explore courses at their own pace, revisit materials, and track their progress through the LMS. Furthermore, AfMA may offer opportunities for networking, discussion forums, and mentorship, fostering a supportive learning community. 

Monitoring Progress and Measure Impact  

To gauge the effectiveness of the Personal Development Series, organisations can implement mechanisms to monitor progress and measure the impact of the program. Metrics such as completion rates, assessment scores, and feedback from participants are collected and analysed. This data-driven approach allows organisations to fine-tune their personal development initiatives, ensuring that they remain aligned with organisational objectives. 

Adapting and Evolving 

The learning landscape is constantly evolving. AfMA recognises this and continues to adapt and enhance its offerings. It may periodically update course content to reflect emerging trends, incorporate the latest research, and respond to user feedback. Organisations, too, evolve with time, and their personal development strategies should adapt to meet changing needs and challenges. 

The Personal Development Online Course Learning Library is not just a one-time training program; it’s a dynamic and holistic approach to personal and professional growth. 

Are you ready to get started? Gain access to the resource here. 

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