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Over the last 30 years, AfMA has been at the forefront of developing and elevating the Fleet and Automotive professions by providing a range of professional development programs, events, and resources.

In 2021, The Personal Development Program was designed to augment this professional development focus.

The Personal Development Program is a series of interactive webinars that focus on the enhancement of Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence is defined by Harvard Business School as the “ability to understand and manage your emotions as well as recognise and influence the emotions of those around you”

It is a critical factor in successful leadership with research showing that emotional intelligence is the strongest predictor of performance both personally and professionally.

Daniel Goleman in his book: Emotional Intelligence: Why it Can Matter More than IQ states that “emotional intelligence determines our success in relationships, work, and well-being”

Isuzu Ute saw an opportunity to position itself as a supporter of this unique program and has been a sponsor since the program’s inception. They have just announced their continued support into 2025. We thank and recognise Isuzu UTE for their continued focus on the development of individuals within this industry, over 1700 different organisations and 3000 individuals have become better humans as a result of these sessions and their support.

Every year a series of six webinars centred on a theme focusing on the enhancement of Emotional Intelligence are available to everybody free of charge courtesy of Isuzu UTE.

The 2024 theme is: From Managing to Leading. This series aims to support the challenging transition from managing to leading and provide practical tools and strategies to develop as a leader and apply effective leadership traits in both professional and personal scenarios. These six sessions will:

  •  Highlight the difference between managing and leading and why it matters
  •  Illustrate the different types of leadership styles and when to use them
  •  Outline strategies to develop you as a leader
  •  Assist you in conquering imposter syndrome and other factors holding you back
  •  Give tips on maximising the well-being of you and your team and
  •  Empower you to be a more effective leader through coaching and mentoring.

Dates and session details are;

  1. Leadership Versus Management and Why it Matters, Careers Advance WED MARCH 13th 12-1.15 pm
  2. What are the Steps to Effective Leadership Tues May 7th, 12-1.15 pm
  3. Management To Leadership and Navigating the Emotional Journey of Transition, Careers Advance, Thurs June 13th, 12-1.15 pm
  4. Leadership Styles Wed July 24th, 12-1.15pm
  5. Wellbeing: Yours and Theirs Tues Sept 3rd, 12-1.15 pm
  6. Mentorship and Coaching: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How Careers Advance, Wed Oct 16th, 12-1.15 pm

The link to register and share: 2024 AfMA’s Personal Development Series | From Managing to Leading

Due to the ongoing success of this program, the entire library of seventeen sessions has now been made available to members by Isuzu UTE as an organisational learning and development resource. These resources are available free for Corporate Members and at a nominal charge for Supplier Members.

Previous year’s themes:

2021: Emotional Intelligence is the Key to Success

2022: Enhancing Personal Effectiveness Through Leadership and Communication

2023: Personal Success Through Identifying and Driving Change

Contact [email protected] to learn how your organisation can take advantage of this valuable resource.

Take this opportunity to develop your best self and enhance your self-awareness. Every change in how you show up can make a positive difference in how you interact at home and work and enhance your well-being and effectiveness.

Join us for the next session and harness the power of Personal Development!

AFMA And Isuzu UTE: committed to supporting and fostering the future leaders of the Australian Fleet and Automotive Industries