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AfMA Industry Development Program

In a move geared towards securing the future of fleet management, the Australasian Fleet Management Association (AfMA) proudly introduces the Industry Development Program (IDP). This visionary initiative has been developed by AfMA and its Corporate Partners (Geotab, Autorola, Pedders Suspension & Brakes, RedBook, Ampol and Zurich Resilience Solutions) to address the critical need for succession planning within the industry, ensuring a seamless transition for the forthcoming generation of fleet professionals.



Succession planning for your organisation and the industry we know and love! 

The industry development program is specifically designed to support organisations with succession planning. It aims to empower the forthcoming generation of fleet managers by providing them with knowledge and a strong network, preparing them to step into the shoes of our seasoned professionals. The program aspires to equip them with the skills and tools needed to drive the continuous growth of our industry, with an emphasis on constant operational improvement, fleet safety, and sustainability. 

Program Goals & Objectives

Our goal is to offer individuals a comprehensive understanding of the wider industry landscape, emerging technologies, and innovative services, thereby fostering an environment where they can enhance their skills and discover their unique position within the industry. 

By nurturing the growth of participants’ abilities, we not only benefit the individuals themselves, but also their families, peers, and organisations, eventually contributing to the prosperity of the entire industry. 

What is the Industry Development Program

The IDP is an initiative developed by AfMA and its Corporate Partners (Geotab, Autorola, Pedders Suspension & Brakes, RedBook, Ampol and Zurich Resilience Solutions). This visionary group will fund $200,000 worth of free tickets to AfMA’s annual Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition which showcases innovative technologies and practices in the industry, offering an invaluable opportunity for industry practitioners to learn and evolve. 

AfMA member organisations, based on their size, will be given 1, 2, or 3 free tickets annually to this event. This provision enables these organisations to create internal incentive programs for their operational and support staff who are involved in the management of their own fleets or those of their customers if they are a supplier member. 

The program specifically excludes primary Fleet Managers, their Managers, BDMs, and Salespeople of any level. Instead, it is intended for the support staff that make up the second or third tier within the organisation. This may include individuals such as WH&S committee members, workshop mechanics/controllers, policy officers, environmental officers, and others. The IDP aims to boost the professional development of these essential support roles within the fleet industry. 

Program Rules and Eligibility

  1. The program specifically excludes primary Fleet Managers, their Managers, BDMs, and Salespeople of any level.
  2. The program excludes people who attended AfMA’s 2023 Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition. (Unless approved by AfMA)
  3. Participating organisations must be paid up AfMA members at the time of the conference.
  4. The name, role title, organisational name and email address of free ticket recipients will be given to AfMA’s corporate partners after the 2024 conference.
  5. Free ticket recipients should not be used as a resource to staff exhibitor booths at the conference. 

Example of Eligible Roles: 

  • Fleet administrator 
  • Fleet Technicians or Engineers 
  • Logistics Coordinators 
  • Procurement officer involved in fleet acquisition 
  • Compliance Officers handling fleet regulations 
  • Data Analysts working on fleet-related metrics 
  • Fleet Maintenance Supervisors 
  • Fleet mechanics with an aspiration for a career in fleet  
  • Health and Safety Advisors related to fleet operations 

 Examples of Ineligible Roles: 

  • Managers overseeing fleet operations, such as Fleet Manager 
  • Head of Operations 
  • Senior Sales Directors or Managers from suppliers 
  • Business Strategy Consultants focused on fleet management 
  • Senior Procurement Managers involved in fleet acquisition 
  • Marketing personnel  
How to Participate

Register your interest by filling out the information below. AfMA will assess your request to participate based on your submission and will confirm the number of free tickets your business will be awarded for the 2024 conference scheduled for Tuesday & Wednesday 20th & 21st May and each year thereafter. 

  1. Organisation Name
  2. Size of fleet by category
    • Passenger 
    • SUV 
    • Light commercial vehicle 
    • Vans 
    • Trucks 
    • Other equipment 
  3. Which states, territories or countries do you operate in
    • QLD 
    • NSW 
    • VIC 
    • ACT 
    • SA 
    • WA 
    • NT 
    • New Zealand 
    • Malaysia 
    • Other, please list 
  4. Your Business’s Internal Program Coordinator
    • Name of internal program coordinator
    • Role of internal program coordinator
    • Contact number
    • Email address
  5. Your Business’s Contact Person with AfMA
    • Name of AfMA contact person 
    • Role of AfMA contact person 
    • Contact number
    • Email address
  6. Briefly describe your internal incentive program, the role titles of participants and how many tickets you are seeking.
  7. Briefly describe the benefits you’re hoping to achieve by participating in AfMA’s Industry Development Program.

Please Provide the Below Information