Supporting Partners

As an individual accredited supplier member, you can align your personal brand with the association whilst demonstrating your commitment to continual professional development.

You’ll learn a little about your customers obligations and responsibilities to their drivers in the mobile workplace and… you’ll have access to the Small Business Fleet Employer and Driver Handbooks that you can distribute to your customers where relevant.

An Accredited Supplier Member is an individual working for a supplier can join AfMA in this member type by paying an on going annual membership fee and successfully completing the required online learning pathway.

If you have any questions, contact our office on +61 3 9866 6056 or by email

Accredited Supplier Member


Annual Membership Fee $150 plus GST

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Accredited Supplier Member Benefits

Branding/AfMA Logo

  • Use the AfMA brand to highlight your link to the peak industry body

Staying Informed

  • Staying Informed
    • AfMA Alerts – weekly
    • AfMA news daily updates
    • FleetDrive e-Magazine – bimonthly
    • Delivery Magazine – bimonthly Saving $60 per year
    • PowerTorque Magazine – bimonthly Saving $60 per year


  • Swinburne Diploma of Leadership & Management
  • Professional Development Forums (up to 17 a year Aust & NZ)
  • Fleet Awards Night
  • Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition
  • AfMA Working Groups
  • Study Tour – biannual

Networking/Building Your Brand

  • Professional Development Forums
  • Fleet Awards Night
  • Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition
  • AfMA Sub Committees
  • Study Tour – biannual

"It has been a rewarding 21-year partnership and here’s to many more"

Glenn Hattander

Supporting Partners