Supporting Partners

An Accredited Supplier Member is an individual working for a supplier of products and or services to organisations who own or manage a fleet of vehicles. It is an individual membership.

Become a AfMA Accredited Individual Supplier Member by paying an on-going annual membership fee and successfully completing the required online learning pathway.

As an individual accredited supplier member, you can align your personal brand with AfMA whilst demonstrating your commitment to continual professional development and gaining access to a wide range of tools, events, benefits and information.

You’ll learn about your customers obligations and responsibilities to their drivers in the mobile workplace and you’ll have access to the Small Business Fleet Employer and Driver Handbooks that you can distribute to your customers where relevant.

Accreditation requires completion of the AfMA learning path which is updated yearly to ensure your continued professional development. This ensures that your industry knowledge stays up to date  and relevant for your customers.

Year 1 Learning Path : Understanding Health and Safety

  1. An introduction to AfMA
  2. Handling Conflict and Negotiation Ethically
  3. Chain of Responsibility
  4. Work Health & Safety in the Mobile Workplace
  5. Risk and Hazard Management in the Mobile Workplace

Year 2 Learning Path : Enhancing your Safety Knowledge

  1. Understanding ANCAP Safety Ratings
  2. Understanding Vehicle Safety Features
  3. Understanding Impact of Weight

Year 3 Learning Path : Vehicle Telematics and Service Bodies

  1. Understanding  Vehicle Telematics
  2. Understanding Service Bodies

The Year 4 Learning Path:( 2024 Modules)

  1.  Understanding  Grey Fleet
  2. Understanding Total Cost of Ownership

Accreditation requires completion of all modules. You will then be issued with an AfMA Accredited Individual Member logo that you can use to align yourself with the peak industry body and receive login credentials to access all of AfMA’s member benefits.

Become a AfMA Accredited Supplier Member

Annual Membership Fee


plus GST

Accredited Supplier Member Benefits

Branding / AfMA Logo

Use the AfMA brand to highlight your link to the peak industry body

Staying Informed

Access to regular industry news and updates to insure you are upto date on the changes and best practices impacting the operation of your fleet :

  • AfMA Alerts
  • AfMA news
  • FleetDrive e-Magazine

Education / Leadership

Access to activities and events that drive excellence in Fleet management and provide opportunities to build your industry knowledge and career.

  • Swinburne Diploma of Leadership & Management
  • Online Training Modules and Courses
  • Professional Development Forums (upto 10 a year Aust & NZ) Saving $10 per session
  • The AfMA National Fleet Awards
  • Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition Saving up to $640 per year
  • AfMA Working Groups
  • Industry Mentoring Program
  • Networking opportunities

Networking / Building Your Brand

  • Professional Development Forums
  • Fleet Awards Night
  • Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition Saving up to $640 per year
  • AfMA Sub Committees

Fleet Management Resources

Access to a range of resources that support better , more efficient and safer fleet management;

  • Fleet Management Guide (web based guide)
  • Self-Assessment Knowledge/Skills/System Tool
  • Small Fleet Employer and Employee Handbooks
  • Sample Policies and Procedures
  • Safer Motoring Guide
  • Greener Motoring Guide

Whole of Life Cost Calculator

A tool that helps you compare up to 4 vehicles including FBT and financing options where applicable

Professional Development Forums and Podcasts

The Professional Development Forums are a series of  sessions on industry topics and changes . Podcasts are available to members and compliment the foundation stones of your continuing education and career advancement.

Personal Development Forums

Members have free access for all staff to the Personal Development Series which is a annual series of 6 webinars focussed on enhancing personal effectiveness. These provide a free Learning and development resource for your entire organisation.

Weight Matrix Tool

A tool for Fleet owners, managers and drivers to help understand the effects of weight on a commercial vehicle.

It has been a rewarding 21-year partnership and here’s to many more

Glenn Hattander

Supporting Partners