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Thank you to everyone who took the time to apply.

The AfMA

Mentoring Program

AfMA are very pleased to launch the inaugural AfMA Mentoring Program. This initiative supports AfMA’s mission of linking people and knowledge to create outcomes and augments the Professional and Personal Development activities and forums.

What is Mentoring?

“Mentoring is an alliance of two people that creates a space for dialogue which results in reflection, action and learning for both”

– Anne Rolfe
Australia’s most published author on mentoring

Why Launch a Mentoring Program?

The AfMA Mentoring Program is an important initiative that supports the professional and personal development of its members and the industry.

The fleet and automotive industries are experiencing significant change while recent events have seen many of us reconsider our personal priorities. This program provides a confidential, non-judgemental environment where mentees can explore their professional and personal priorities, goals and outcomes with like-minded industry people, through participation in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Why Join a Mentoring Program?

The benefits of joining the AfMA Mentoring Program Include:

  • Building and expanding personal and industry profile and networks
  • Growing and challenging your thinking and the thinking of others
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) development
  • Understanding your industry and its challenges from another perspective
  • Enhancing interpersonal leadership and management skills
  • Being a strategic thought partner
  • Enhancing the professionalism of the Fleet and Automotive industries
  • Promoting personal and professional development (creating a safe space for difficult conversations)
  • Depending on the mentors’ skills, so much more than fleet issues will be worked through. Conversations on influencing others, managing up, writing business cases, exploring new ideas, HR and sharing of prior experiences are just some of the topics that can be explored.

What Commitment Is Required of Participants?

  • Signing of a confidentiality agreement, allowing discussions had during the session to be deemed confidential unless stipulated otherwise
  • Signing of a commitment to the program agreement, including attendance at all Program group sessions
  • Fostering of a growth mindset
  • Willingness to share learnings and experience with others
  • Willingness to challenge yourself and what you know
  • Regular reflective practice routine as part of your ongoing individual development
  • Commitment to individual growth and development over the Program
  • Commitment to maintain this Mentoring Relationship over the full 10 months
  • Commitment to complete a Program survey for the enhancement of future programs

Why Join the Program?

Participants in mentor programs (mentors as well as mentees!) report several benefits from their participation: improved confidence, self-awareness, better presentation skills, active listening skills, feedback skills, more assertive communication, enhanced coaching skills.

How Do I Join the Program?

We are looking for a limited number of mentors and mentees to conduct the Inaugural Program.

Participation is by application. This form will request information of both potential mentors and mentees to assist with the matching of participants.

The numbers of participants are limited for the pilot Program. If we do not have a suitable match for you, we won’t pair you for the sake of putting you in the program. We will let you know by early Sept whether you have been successful.

General Information

  • Participation is voluntary
  • All Information relating to participants is confidential
  • AfMA will use the information provided on the application forms to match mentors and mentees
  • AfMA will do its best to ensure mentors and mentees are suitably matched
  • A subcommittee of AfMA consisting of staff and members are administering this Program.

I’m Interested, What’s Next?

Please Submit your application by August 31st, by completing either the Mentor Application or the Mentee Application.

We will be in touch early September to advise whether you have been chosen to participate. We may contact you before this to get more information to ensure we get the right match for you. Please note that places are limited as this is a trial pilot program.

We look forward to having you as part of the program.

Please Contact with any questions.

About the Program

The Program is a formal relationship over a 10-month period (September 2022 to June 2023) with a minimum of 5 mentoring sessions to be established by the mentee and the mentor during this time. It is the Mentee’s responsibility to schedule and organise these meetings. These sessions can be face to face, phone or virtual.

Mentors and Mentees must be current AfMA members.

The Program will also include three webinars:

  1. A Program Welcome and Briefing online seminar session for participants late September. In this session, participants will learn more about how to get the best results from the Program.
  2. A midway check February 2023 to share your experiences and review progress with other participants and the Program organisers
  3. A closing session June 2023 to evaluate the Program and assist with embedding the reflective practice.