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The Australasian Fleet Management Association’s resource page is the place to find all resources. Whilst some are restricted to Members many of available to all to enhance the knowledge of people working within the fleet industry.

Fleet Management Guide

The Australasian Fleet Management Association has undertaken the task of presenting this most important of business activities in a system format, a collection of interrelated tasks and activities taking place in a legislative, business and social context and environment.

The use of transport activities is an integral component in the successful completion of the business model. However, the use of vehicles for or on behalf of an organisation gives rise to a number of risks. Often the organisations third highest cost, behind premises and payroll, fleet if not optimally managed can have significant negative implications for the organisation ranging from financial loss to legal action.

As with any management activity there are many views and opinions as to how best to manage it effectively and efficiently; it is one of many different approaches. The manual is not meant to be an all encompassing, it simply sets out a model that identifies issues required to be addressed and ways in which this might be achieved. This publication is available to Members only.

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Self-Assessment Tool

The Self-Assessment Tool forms part of the Fleet Management Guide which is presented in a number of interrelated forms. There is a series of questions (Self-Assessment Tool “the activity/procedure matrix”) that the organisation needs to address in an effort to ensure it has addressed all the issues identified by the model. These questions are cross linked to particular set of model policies and/or procedures, each with its own individual flow diagram, which can be adapted by the organisation to provide an active management process. This publication is available to Members and Non-Members.

SUMV Survey

In partnership with National Road Safety Partnership Program

During 2016, the Australasian Fleet Management Association (AfMA) in collaboration with National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) and other major organisations launched the Safe Use of Mobiles in Vehicles Guide.

Whilst organisations recognise the opportunity to implement or review their use of mobile phone policy, AfMA believe the first step is to understand the existing cultures and attitudes towards using a mobile phone whilst in a vehicle. Therefore, AfMA is hosting a baseline survey for any organisation wanting to participate.

Organisations participating in the survey will be provided a survey link to be distributed to all employees. The survey is specific to each organisation and will capture responder’s state and departmental descriptions with a formal report being provided by AfMA once the survey is completed.

The survey responses are anonymous and the data remains the property of the organisation. AfMA will retain a copy of the data to be aggregated with all completed surveys. This aggregated data will be used to establish benchmarks and may be used to create other meaningful statistics noting the organisations name will remain confidential and undisclosed.

The SUMV baseline survey is available to Members and Non-Members. Click Here For More Information

Safer Motoring Guide

The Safer Motoring Guide is an Australasian Fleet Management Association fleet safety initiative co-funded by VicRoads and the Western Australia Road Safety Council. Organisations have a legal responsibility to provide a safe working environment for its workforce and to ensure the general public is not put at risk from the organisation’s transport activities. Structured in three parts, our intent is to provide both a systems overview and a procedural based approach. This allows you to see the procedure for one particular activity and how the process fits collectively into a holistic management approach, to give context to any fleet safety policy that is developed and how it fits into a wider fleet safety strategy. This publication is available to Members only.

Greener Motoring Guide

The Australasian Fleet Management Association Greener Motoring Guide provides a structured approach to practical fleet operations. It summarises a set of processes and procedures necessary to achieve fuel reduction, ancillary environmental benefits and cost savings within an organisation’s fleet operations. This publication is available to Members only.

Whole of Life Calculator

The Australasian Fleet Management Association is updating its Whole of Life Calculator from an Excel spreadsheet to a web based tool allowing Members to compare up to 4 different vehicles.

Many factors contribute to the whole of life cost of a vehicle. These include the vehicle’s fuel consumption, cost of fuel, kilometres travelled each year, maintenance/repair costs, tyre cost, roadside assistance, fringe benefits tax, insurance, insurance excess, remarketing costs, decommissioning costs, interest/notional interest on capital cost of vehicle and vehicle amortisation (difference between purchase price and residual/sale value).

The Whole of Life Calculator will provide you with the total lifecycle cost of the vehicle. This is broken down into a ‘cents per kilometre’ cost and a ‘dollars per month’ cost which can then be used to compare different vehicles or in analysing different scenarios for the same vehicle.

Collectively the whole of life cost analysis will form the basis of your vehicle replacement policy.  Performance records from each make and model should be reviewed and problem models should be identified. Costs of downtime, lost productivity and the cost of alternate transport can be substantial and should not be ignored when turning over vehicles.


Weight Matrix

The Pedders Weight Matrix™ is a simple way to determine the weight of your vehicle from accessories, passengers, loads and towing. By selecting your vehicle and adds weight items such as vehicle accessories (e.g. bull bar, winch, tow bar), passenger loads (e.g. front and second-row occupants), general cargo and towing loads. The software then calculates the weight of the vehicle referenced against original manufacturer specifications and provides some information on the critical impacts on weight.

To access the weight matrix tool please contact AfMA office by email at with your name, company and email.


Supplier Directory

AFMA acts as the conduit between fleet managers and the marketplace in order to bolster and grow the fleet industry. Without an effective, passionate and innovative network of supplier partners, fleet management goals cannot be realised.

AFMA assists supplier members build bridges between fleet professionals and their company. Our supplier director is the first port of call for fleet professionals seeking solutions and our supplier members get pride of place at our annual Fleet Conference & Exhibition, reap the prosperity of forming solid connections through state-based Professional Development Forums and make new contacts along the way.

Supplier members gain access to showcase their brand’s ideas and solutions through enviable advertising and sponsorship opportunities front-and-centre at our key events, enjoy content in our bi-monthly FleetDrive e-magazine, site and social media channels.

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The Australasian Fleet Management Association’s E-Newsletter, FleetDrive is designed to inform and stimulate discussion whilst bringing the latest and developing issues impacting on the vehicle fleet industry to the attention of Members. It covers industry comments, trends and developments in Australia and around the world. This publication is available to Members and Non-Members.

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AfMA News

The Australasian Fleet Management Association’s news site is designed to inform and stimulate discussion whilst bringing the latest and developing issues impacting on the vehicle fleet industry to the attention of Members. It covers feature articles highlighting the success of its Members and seeks to share innovations around sustainability, the environment and safety of the mobile workplace.

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Professional Development Forums

Professional Development Forums are the foundation stones of your continuing education and career advancement. AfMA organises multiple Professional Development Forums throughout Australia in VIC, NSW, QLD, SA, WA, TAS and Auckland, New Zealand.

The Chapter Committees select topics of high-interest to your local concerns with special expert guests presenting intricate and highly-valuable educational information and tools you won’t find in a Google search. Beyond broadening your knowledge, they also provide an opportunity to network with industry peers in a relaxed and casual setting.

The Fleet Forums are open to the wider industry – you don’t need to be a member to attend. They’re an ideal first step in discovering what it is like to be an AfMA Member and we encourage you to contact the office about coming along if you’re considering Membership with AfMA.

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The professional development Forums, podcasts are created and are only available to members and provides an additional resource for the Professional Development Forums and compliment the foundation stones of your continuing education and career advancement.

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