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2024 AfMA's Personal Development Series

From Managing to Leading

The transition from manager to leader is one of the most important and daunting challenges we can ever face. In the 2024 AfMA Personal Development Series brought to you by Isuzu UTE, our 6 free webinars will help you identify and develop those traits needed to be a successful leader.


Brought to you by

The 2024 Series

Brought to you by Isuzu UTE

These sessions further build on the previous series topics of the importance of emotional intelligence and will provide you with practical tools and strategies to transition to a leader. Further details on the 6 sessions are below. All sessions are free and available to everyone. Register your spot today and please share the link.

LEADERSHIP VS. MANAGEMENT: How and Why the Distinctions Matter

Lisa Panarello
Wednesday Mar 13th, 12-1.15pm

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The terms ‘leaders’ and ‘managers’ are often used interchangeably in organizations to describe those with a higher level of responsibility. But does an experienced star employee always make a good boss? Are good people managers automatically effective leaders? Not necessarily. And in today’s world, it takes both to mobilize a workforce and move a business forward. This webinar will unveil the important similarities of and critical differences between management and leadership and provide scenarios for knowing when to play each role.

We’ll then help you address two very emotional questions— “Can I be both? Do I want to be both?” And while work is a large part of our world, we’ll close out with techniques for applying the principles of leadership and management in our personal lives.

Join us for a stimulating discussion and walk away with both practical and inspiring ideas to guide your next move!

MANAGEMENT TO LEADERSHIP: Navigating the Emotional Journey of Transition

Lisa Panarello
Thursday June 13th, 12-1.15pm

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Traveling the road from management to leadership can be both exciting and daunting.

“I have the desire and skills, but am I really ready for the leap? I’ve earned the title promotion, but will my elder and younger peers treat me as their leader? I know where the business needs to go, but can I persuade others to my vision?”

The top challenges leaders face have less to do about achieving business objectives or beating out the competition, and more to do with achieving self-confidence and appropriately asserting influence.

This webinar will reveal the 5 types of imposter syndromes that hold managers back from becoming effective leaders, and provide emotional intelligence strategies for punching through self-doubt, building mutual trust, and gaining followership. Get ready to share your questions and leave empowered to make your next move!

THE STEPS TO LEADERSHIP: Become a Better Leader

Damian Panazzo
Wednesday, July 3rd, 12-1.15pm

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What do I need to do to start my leadership journey? What are the stages of leadership development?

Why is Emotional intelligence and its development Important?  What are the essential soft and hard skills to lead a team of people or project?

In this webinar identify and understand potential areas of skill development and learn about some practical steps you can take to build your leadership capability.


Damian Panazzo
Wednesday July 24th, 12-1.15pm

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Most professionals develop their own style of leadership based on factors like experience and personality, as well as the specific needs of a company and its organizational culture. Every leader is different, but there are several leadership styles commonly used in the workplace.

There are many ways to lead a team to success. In this webinar, learn about the different styles and the types of circumstances in which they may be the most effective and appropriate.

What is your style? In what circumstances will it work or not? How do you adapt your style? Is it the most effective for you and your team? Is it getting the results you require? Achieve insights into strategies that will ensure your style is the right one!


Damian Panazzo
Tuesday Sep 3rd, 12-1.15pm

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What is wellbeing and why is it important? What are the elements and types of wellbeing? What does workplace wellbeing entail and how can you foster it?

This webinar will give you an understanding of the significant role the wellbeing of you and your team can play in personal and professional success. Learn strategies and skills to monitor, support and enhance health and wellbeing both at home and in the workplace.

MENTORING VS. COACHING: Who, What, When, Where, Why And How

Lisa Panarello
Wednesday Oct 16th, 12-1.15pm

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Mentoring and coaching have roots stretching way back to the philosophers of the 8th century B.C. Since then, it’s been a slow, comprehensive process that eventually took the global business society by storm with formalization kicking off in the 1970’s.

Why? Both practices offer great opportunities for learning with significant benefits to individuals—including increased self-esteem, job satisfaction, and career growth—and to employers, including boosts in staff productivity, engagement, and accountability for results.

This webinar will define the distinct differences between mentoring and coaching, the fundamental skills required, and tips for establishing formal/informal relationship structures and playing the role. We’ll also bring awareness to the unique challenges that can arise within mentoring/coaching a team and how to avoid. Lastly, we’ll provide simple strategies for finding your own coach and mentor—because you’re worth it!

Lisa Panarello

Lisa is an empowerment coach and previously featured on the CBS Early Show and a top nine finalist in Toastmasters International (World Champion of Public Speaking Contest).

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Lisa Panarello comes to the table with a level of energy and commitment that can’t be beat. She’s the founder and CEO of Careers Advance, a private practice specializing in professional training and development, career planning, leadership savvy, interpersonal communication, personal branding, and public speaking.

For more than 17 years, she has been sought after by corporate, civic, educational, and non-profit institutions, including JPMorgan Chase, Novartis, the NYPD, NYU, My Goal Autism, and Automotive Fleet & Leasing Association. Her powerhouse programs have inspired more than half a million students, professionals and executives worldwide.

Since 2001, she’s helped organizations and businesses increase staff engagement and retention and drive bottom-line results while guiding individuals in navigating challenging work environments and turning frustrating job situations into exciting career journeys. Lisa is certified in Behavior Assessments (DISC/Driving Forces/Emotional Intelligence), holds a BBA in Marketing from Baruch College, and has 15+ years of experience in diverse industries, including retail, publishing, marketing, and human resources. With an entrepreneurial mindset and unique blend of humour and practicality, Lisa provides insights and strategies that enable success seekers create the reality the desire!

Damian Panozza

Damian is an Organisational Psychologist who specialises in Leadership Development, Culture Design, Wellbeing and Performance. A successful entrepreneur himself, he has a strong commercial background gaining his qualifications later in his career. This allows him to bring a practical and relevant approach to learning with a view to expanding people’s potential and helping them to perform and achieve in a satisfying and sustainable way. Damian has experience across extensive business industries, not for profit, Government, and organisational size ranging from start-ups to Global giants.

Damian has held internal culture and capability roles with brands such as NAB and Australian Red Cross, SalesForce Australia, and as a consultant to many organisations including BHP, Asahi, K-Mart, Harmony Gold, Melville City Council, and Department of Water Environmental Regulation WA. In 2005 Damian founded and operated Balance Psychology which grew to become one of the largest psychology practices in Australia before he sold the organisation in 2013 to finish his Master Psychology (Org/Ind).


  • Leadership Development
  • 360s and Psychometric Assessment
  • Culture Design
  • Engagement & Pulse Surveys
  • Sustainable Executive Performance
  • Wellbeing
  • Human Centred Design
  • Agile
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Neuroleadership
  • Executive Coach


  • Master Psychology (Organisational/Industrial), Deakin University, 2012-2013
  • Grad. Dip. Psychology, Deakin University, 2010-2011
  • Bachelor Social Science (Psych), Swinburne University, 2004-2009
  • Open Foundation, Newcastle University, 2003


  • Board Approved Psychology Supervisor, APS, 2020
  • Accredited Coach, Neuroleadership Institute, 2019
  •  Endorsement as Organisational Psychologist, AHPRA, 2018
  •  Various Assessments:Hogan,Saville Wave,DISC,Genos EmotionalIntelligence,HumanSynergistics 2011-2021 Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy 2011-2012