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Recent trends and uncertainty with COVID-19 see businesses retaining their vehicles for longer than the manufacturer warranty period. This situation has given rise to insurance warranties that provide similar coverage to that of the manufacturer warranty.

You may think insurance warranty is only available to personal vehicles, but a large number of businesses can benefit also. Tradespersons, company vehicles and vans with a carrying capacity of under 2 tonnes may be eligible.

Vehicle electronics are becoming more complex which increases the chances of often unforeseen and costly breakdowns. With no excess on claims, businesses are taking advantage of these types of vehicle warranties to mitigate the risk of unplanned and out of warranty expenses when things go wrong, as the cost of repair is potentially high.

Warranty cover is available for a wide range of vehicles. Eligibility is up to 10 years of age and less than 160,000kms at the time of purchase. One of the many benefits is this cover is available even if the vehicle is outside the manufacturer warranty.

Visit to obtain an insurance quote, review the PDS (Product Disclosure Statement) and other information. If you’re satisfied the cover suits your circumstances, you can buy online.

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James Reynolds is the Director of Car Cover Pty Ltd | 1300 973 066 | [email protected]