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May 21, Sydney, Australia Industry Awards Dinner 

What an incredible evening it was! Joined by [number] of our industry colleagues, we celebrated the leaders who elevate standards across Fleet Safety, Fleet Environment, and Fleet Management Excellence. 

After a full day of engaging educational sessions, productive networking, and hands-on driving experiences, we were all eager to relax, savour a delightful meal, and enjoy a little bit of ‘magic’ while eagerly awaiting the announcement of the award winners. 

The night kicked off with the announcement of the 2024 Fleet Environment Award. 

Congratulations, Logan City Council! 

Accepted by Thomas Brayley, Manager of Plant Fleet Services, this award recognises Logan City Council’s exceptional achievements in sustainability and environmental stewardship. Under the leadership of the Fleet Team, the Council has made significant progress in aligning their fleet operations with environmental goals. 

Their 2021-26 Green Fleet Strategy, developed with various stakeholders, is the foundation of their environmental initiatives, focusing on modernising fleet management to enhance operational efficiencies and support broader climate action goals. 

Key Initiatives and Achievements: 

  • Transition to hybrid and electric vehicles, significantly reducing emissions.   
  • Installation of multiple EV charging stations across key locations. 
  • Implementation of in-vehicle monitoring systems (IVMS) across all fleet vehicles, enhancing operational efficiency through real-time data monitoring. 
  • Attainment of ISO 9001 and Motor Traders’ Association Green Stamp Environmental Accreditation, highlighting their commitment to high environmental standards. 
  • Successful transition to 50% electric and hybrid passenger vehicles 
  • Development and delivery of EV driver education and adoption indicatives 
  • 100 kilowatts of rooftop solar, combined with a battery that powers the workshop with renewable energy 24 hrs a day 
  • An 18% reduction in fuel use over the entire mixed fleet. 
  • Continued collaboration with external partners for knowledge-sharing and innovation 
  • Adoption of a holistic sustainable procurement model, specifying zero emissions vehicles for last-mile deliveries. 

Logan City Council has achieved a 20% reduction in pollution and waste, with 50% of their passenger vehicles now electric or hybrid, ahead of schedule. Their proactive approach has reduced their environmental impact, influencing best practices across the sector. 

Congratulations to Logan City Council on their remarkable achievements in promoting environmental sustainability within fleet management! 

Next up was the 2024 Fleet Safety Award. 

Congratulations, Osmose Australia! 

Accepted by Mike Kemp, Managing Director of Osmose Australia, this award celebrates their remarkable advancements in fleet safety. Since joining in May 2023, Mike has driven significant improvements, focusing on safety as a core element of operations. 

Osmose Australia’s implementation of the Driver Safety System (DSS), featuring AI cameras and real-time data alerts, has drastically reduced vehicle incidents and improved driver behaviour. This system marks a significant shift in their safety culture, promoting greater driver engagement and responsibility. 

Key Achievements: 

  • 20% improvement in Driver Score. 
  • 66% reduction in harsh accelerations. 
  • 37% decrease in harsh braking incidents. 
  • 90% reduction in speeding duration. 

We extend our congratulations to Osmose and eagerly anticipate their future progress! 

And our final award of the night, the most anticipated: 

2024 Fleet Manager of the Year Awarded to Thomas Brayley, Manager of Plant Fleet Services at Logan City Council. 

Thomas Brayley has been named the 2024 Fleet Manager of the Year, celebrating his exceptional leadership and positive impact on fleet management. With over fourteen years in the Australian Local Government Fleet sector, Thomas has driven significant advancements in fleet operations, sustainability, and organisational efficiency at Logan City Council. 

Under his leadership, the Council has implemented cutting-edge initiatives, including a comprehensive fleet business remodel, strategic branch realignment, and the introduction of a Temporary Market Condition Allowance to address skilled labour shortages. Thomas also conducted a thorough review of Fuel Tax Credits, securing funding for green fleet initiatives, and actively promoted reconciliation and cultural diversity through the Reconciliation Action Plan. 

His development of a Sustainable Fleet Management Strategy, attainment of ISO14001:2015 certification, and leadership in transitioning to electric vehicles powered by 100% green energy have positioned Logan City Council as a leader in environmental stewardship. Additionally, Thomas’s exploration of hydrogen technology and enhancement of telematics and asset procurement systems have further improved operational effectiveness. 

Thomas’s proactive safety framework and Chain of Responsibility action framework have enhanced safety outcomes and fostered a culture of accountability and risk management. His dedication to innovation, sustainability, and operational efficiency continues to inspire excellence across the industry. 

Congratulations, Thomas!  

This concluded our awards presentation. Thank you to everyone who participated, and congratulations once again to all our award winners. We look forward to learning more about their initiatives and sharing their insights with the industry. 

Let’s also take a moment to acknowledge this evening’s sponsors, who made this event possible. Starting with our Dinner Sponsor, Chery Motor. 

2024 Fleet Safety Award Sponsors: Innovation Group & Teletrac Navman 

2024 Fleet Environment Award Sponsors: Hyundai & Mix Telematics 

2024 Fleet Manager of the Year Sponsor: BP & Geotab 

We would like to acknowledge the Awards Committee Members, whose dedication and meticulous efforts behind the scenes play a pivotal role in the success of this event. Each year, these members devote countless hours to carefully reviewing submissions, ensuring that we honour the most deserving winners. We thank them profoundly for their invaluable contribution. 

Wishing everyone a wonderful evening! We look forward to seeing you tomorrow for Day 2 of the Australasian Fleet Education & Leadership Summit. 

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