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Regardless of whether the organisation manages its fleet internally or externally there is still an explicate need for a manager of the fleet.

The role of the traditional Fleet Manager has changed where today it has, due to the evolving nature of the task, expanded from a day-to-day operations administrator to strategic management role.

We have seen a substantial move to greater flexibility and responsiveness on the part of fleet programs to the changing business environment, necessitating a change to system based on strategy and strategic need.

This is a time for questioning, evaluation and appraisal, ensuring the fleet is at its optimum efficiency, matched to the organisations transport needs and acquired at the lowest possible cost. Whether we like it or not this is the world within which the fleet manager must operate.

Good fleet managers must have excellent communication skills and the same type of people skills found with sales and service personnel as they have to establish co-operative working relationships with all internal and external functions associated with fleet operations.

Fleet operations are linked to the corporation’s overall mission. Fleet managers must set financial goals involving acquisition and remarketing, operational goals involving maintenance or fuel management and ensure a fit with the organisations’ strategic transport needs.

Besides being an expert in fleet management, contract management, financial and change management they are also intimately aware of the company’s product line and services, marketing objectives, corporate culture, and the needs of user groups. They work with suppliers and other partners to optimise performance and facilitate communication.

Access to the latest fleet management trends and knowledge is vital. The fleet manager needs to keep pace with world best practices as they evolve. The best way to achieve this is by being an active member in industry associations and more importantly by staying informed of the latest developments and issues.

The upcoming 2020 Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition is a fantastic opportunity for fleet managers to come together and develop that knowledge alongside other like-minded industry professionals. As an industry we are better together so we strongly encourage you and your organisation to consider joining with us in Melbourne on May 7-8.

For full details about the 2020 Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition, including speakers and ticket options, click here.