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Nissan Patrol supply is expected to rise by early next year as production will be increased during December.

Many vehicle manufactures, including Nissan have seen global semi-conductor chip shortages and COVID-19 related supply issues throughout the year, halting production and lengthening waiting times for buyers.

“We’re on track for a fantastic Patrol year. (But) our biggest challenge has been securing supply,” Nissan Australia managing director, Adam Paterson said.

“December will be one of our best months of production for Patrol bound for the Australian market and that’s really encouraging.”

“That’s been our first priority for us, securing as much Patrol production to meet customer demand for now.”

Customers have had to endure significant wait times previously, with 6–12-month long lists being reported. Nissan’s increase in production is a hopeful sign the overall industry is beginning to recover after a turbulent and unpredictable year.