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Hydrogen-powered waste collection trucks are scheduled for a trial in the Illawarra region of New South Wales beginning mid-2023.

The truck was Developed by Hyzon Motors ANZ (Hyzon) in Australia and will be part of Remondis Australia’s commercial operations.

According to Remondis Australia Chairman Bjorn Becker, putting a zero-emission waste collection truck to test in a commercial setting could be a watershed moment.

“A best-case scenario could be gradually replacing our global diesel-powered trucks with zero-emission trucks, which could set the scene for other companies to do the same. At the very least we’ll collect unprecedented information about what it takes to get closer to fleet decarbonisation,” said Mr. Becker.

The truck’s fuel cell electric engine relies on hydrogen funnelled from specially made tanks, which combines with air to generate electricity that powers the truck.

The heavy-duty garbage truck, dubbed as Heavy Rigid Truck, has been designed against the industry benchmark of a 200-kilometre range and 1,500 bin lifts per working day. The truck has been developed in partnership with Superior Pak, Australia’s leading manufacturer of world class mobile waste collection and compaction equipment.

Refuelling will be conducted at the Coregas facility at Port Kembla and is expected to take about 20 minutes.

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