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Productivity and efficiency are some of the most important factors of success in fleet and it often boils down to the utilisation of vehicles.

Identifying underutilisation in your fleet can prove a challenging task as it requires the collection and analysis of important data surrounding several components.

  • Unnecessary vehicles
  • The correct vehicle types
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Initial vehicle cost
  • Vehicle replacement cost
  • Fuel economy and type (petrol, diesel, hybrid, electric)
  • Cost per kilometre
  • Meeting the demands of the fleet
  • Buy or lease

All the above factors and many more can result in driving up expenses, reducing profits and limiting the efficiency of the fleet. However, careful balance and control of these factors can lead to an efficient and successful fleet.

So where do you start?

Fleet consultation services are out there and available to help identify trouble areas within a fleet that busy fleet managers do not have the time or resources to find themselves.

AfMA’s extensive Supplier Directory allows you to Search for Fleet and Vehicle Suppliers, their products, and services. You can browse by selecting a category or search on a company name, by simply entering it into the search window.

Visit AfMA’s Supplier Directory and find your fleet management solution today.

AfMA also offers a Whole of Life Cost Calculator which can help in the decision-making process when purchasing a vehicle for your fleet. Similarly whole of life costing models can also assist with discussions regarding the optimum replacement points for vehicles, selection of alternative fuel candidates, lease versus buy, outsourcing all or some fleet functions. The whole of life cost calculator provides an opportunity to fully understand the maintenance required for each vehicle allowing you to understand a vehicle’s place in your fleet, reducing the chances of unknown expenses.

Be better equipped to prevent underutilisation in your fleet from the beginning and check out AfMA’s Whole of Life Cost Calculator today.