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Poor sales and limited buyer incentives have been to blame for Renault’s decision to remove its Zoe EV model from the Australian market.

Packed with 300km driving range the  Zoe ZE40 electric hatch is one of a handful of electric vehicles available in Australia under the $50,000 mark. Despite the cheap price, Renault was forced to make the move after just 63 were sold in the Australian market over the past three years.

“Electric cars remain a curiosity on Australian roads, with around 5000 sales in the segment last year,” said Charly Clercin, a senior product manager for Renault Australia.

“With such limited numbers, it makes it a difficult case to present to head office, especially when they are selling more than 10,000 (electric cars) a month (in Europe).”

Mr Clercin said the decision to axe the Renault Zoe locally was “not taken lightly, and only came after exhaustive analysis here in Australia and in head office”.

In an online briefing with media, Renault Australia executives blamed absent government incentives for the lack of widespread interest in the Zoe.

“We will continue to monitor the market and explore potential additions to the line-up in Australia, including (electric vehicles) and hybrids,” said Mr Clercin.

The lack of interest in the Zoe EV contrasts sales patterns in Europe, with over 11,000 orders placed in June, as covered by AfMA last month.