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Chargefox, Australia’s only public ultra-rapid electric vehicle (EV) charging network, has expanded with the opening of its third ultra-rapid charging station in Toombul Shopping Centre, Brisbane last week.

The state-of-the-art ultra-rapid charging station can charge two cars simultaneously, delivering up to 350kW and 400km of charge in 15 mins (or 200km of charge in 8 mins) and is backed up by 100% renewable energy. The station also has an Australian made 50kW fast charger, which can deliver 60km per 15 minutes.

Chargefox is the biggest and fastest growing open charging network in Australia for modern EVs. It has been operating charging stations across Australia and New Zealand for 12 months and has managed more than 25,000 charging sessions on more than 350 plugs across Australia and New Zealand, dispensing a total of over 190MWh of electricity for drivers via it’s iPhone and Android mobile apps – that’s enough electricity to power the average household for a decade.

With an additional 19 ultra-rapid charging stations in development by the Melbourne-based start-up, the Chargefox network will connect Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide, as well as having stations in Western Australia and Tasmania by the end of 2019. This will make electric vehicle charging faster and easier for all Australians and support efforts to bring Australia’s vehicle emissions in line those of the USA and Europe.

AfMA’s Daniel Braid chats with Chargefox’s CEO Marty Andrews about the opening of the Toombul site and what the future of Chargefox’s ultra-rapid charging network looks like from a fleet management perspective and for the general public.


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