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In 2018, ACA Research launched the first edition of the Australian Fleet Insights reports in partnership with AfMA. These reports provided much needed insights into market behaviour, trends and attitudes among business fleet decision makers, including:

  • Around 419,000 organisations within Australia operate company fleets amounting to nearly 3.5 million vehicles. Most are smaller fleets and only around 1,000 organisations are operating more than 200 vehicles. However, despite representing a tiny fraction (0.24%) of the total number of organisations with a vehicle, these larger fleets operate some 1.39 million vehicles, around 40% of the total fleet vehicle parc.
  • Among those fleets that engage an FMO, 35% are not satisfied with the services they receive and only 13% are highly satisfied, indicating a gap between the expected vs actual customer experience delivered by FMOs.


ACA Research will be undertaking the second wave of its Australian fleet industry research in 2020, again in collaboration with AfMA.

The 2020 report will track key changes and trends in the business fleet market and identify and quantify the size of market opportunities. New questions about the impact of Covid-19 on fleets will be included in the report as well as feedback from members on how AfMA is supporting the industry.

The survey is now open to all organisations who own or manage a fleet of vehicles. This includes suppliers as they all have fleets of their own. Pass this on to the appropriate person in your organisation who’s responsible for managing your transport needs.


Members will receive an invitation to complete the survey during July and those that respond will receive a complementary summary of the report. The full report will be made available to suppliers on a subscription basis, with a planned release date for September. ACA Research will present the highlights of the report at AFMA’s 2020 Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition.

Click here to contact ACA Research for further details about the 2020 Fleet Insights Report.

Thanks in advance for your participation in this important study into the Australian fleet market.