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How O’Brien rapidly adapted during COVID-19

Many businesses have had to evolve since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and O’Brien® was no exception. They are one of the most trusted brands in Australia for automotive, home and business glass repair and replacement as well as electrical and plumbing services.

O’Brien® closely follows the advice provided by the Australian Government and monitors the case numbers and situation by state. When changes in regulations are announced, O’Brien® follows immediately to implement the necessary business changes to comply, and to help protect staff, customers and the community.

As a first step, O’Brien® implemented a COVID-19 plan which was made publicly available on their website. It listed the new policies, procedures and hygiene practices and is updated regularly with the ever-changing circumstances. When the Melbourne Stage 4 restrictions commenced, O’Brien® created an additional COVID-19 plan specifically to support the Melbourne community and to provide customers with information on what to do if they had a security or safety concern related to glass, electrical or plumbing.

O’Brien® implemented changes in their services, notably around providing increases in hygiene protection. All staff and technicians were trained in the “O’Brien® Golden Rules” which covered proper hand hygiene, social distancing such as no shaking of hands, how to clean and sanitise their work area before and after each job and how to wash their uniforms correctly. A COVID-19 Customer Checklist was introduced to ensure each of the hygiene protocols were followed and completed.

In the automotive division, O’Brien® offer a mobile service. With people less inclined to leave their homes, O’Brien makes it easy for customers to fix their windscreen, rear glass or side glass as they can come to you.

The changes also extended to office-based workers and call centre staff. Anyone who could work from home was asked to do so immediately. This meant the Call Centre operations could be split across two floors allowing O’Brien® to follow social distancing regulations, hygiene protocols and implement key contingency measures. Hygiene Champions were also appointed to ensure the new rules were being followed and to help identify any potential risks.

To further mitigate the risk, call centre staff were offered the chance to work from home. Within 2-weeks O’Brien® helped over 40% of call centre agents to transition home, while still providing the same great customer service for which they are known.

None of these changes would have been possible without the flexibility and positivity from all staff. O’Brien continues to change and adapt in these unprecedented circumstances while ensuring they provide the right support for staff, the right service for customers and do the right thing by the community.

O’Brien® is trusted by Australian’s to help solve their problems with real care. They believe this should not change during these times and want to assure customers that they are still there and can still support. For more information about O’Brien®, please visit