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Charge Amps, a Swedish electric vehicle (EV) charging provider, will be launching a series of EV charging products in Australia in 2023.

According to reports, this will include a load balancer called Amp Guard, a charging cable called Beam, and an EV charger called Dawn.

The Amp Guard which claims to track household power consumption which can help prevent accidentally overloading and tripping circuit breakers.

“Charging an EV requires a lot of power during a long period of time – and when the charging is combined with the cooking of food on the stove, the clothes being washed in the washing machine and the ventilation system working at full capacity, for example, there is a risk that the electrical system will be overloaded, and fuses will blow,” explained Charge Amp via its website.

“The Charge Amps Amp Guard, together with Charge Amps Cloud, enables dynamic load balancing, which measures and controls the total loading in the household. In the first place, all available electricity is allocated to the household appliances and thereafter the remaining electricity goes to the EV, which ensures that the electrical system is not getting overloaded.

“And then, when the household uses less energy, all available electricity will go to the EV. This means that the car will be charged faster than without a load balancer.”

According to Charge Amps, this tool may be configured wirelessly and is supposedly compatible with most solar power systems.

On the other hand, the Beam charging cable offers up to to 32A charging at a range of EV fast charging stations that meet the EU standard for Type 2 charging. The cable is sold with a lightweight storage bag.

The Dawn EV charging, meanwhile, is designed for use across a broad spectrum of climatic conditions with a safe operating temperature of between -35°C and +45°C. It runs on a modular Linux-based software and hardware elements that aim to future-proof the unit.

“We run this company with the conviction that sustainable and intelligent technology will make for a better society. This conviction is clearly reflected in our range and visible throughout, from the software through to our distinctive Scandinavian design,” said Charge Amps CEO Olle Tholander.

“Our new products represent the next generation of sustainable innovation and an even greater user experience.”

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