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Ensuring the authenticity of an employee’s driver’s licence is an essential responsibility for every fleet manager. Recently, a number of our members have sought advice on the most streamlined methods for verifying the status of an employee’s driving licence. Given the diverse regulations across the states in Australia, this task presents its unique set of challenges.

Let’s dive deeper into this.

For those operating in Victoria, it seems the verification process remains somewhat cumbersome. Despite initial intentions to recommend third-party services or software integrations for ongoing licence checks, it appears most solutions are more suited to one-off vettings during the recruitment phase.

Meanwhile, QLD, NT, and WA have simplified the procedure, allowing third parties to obtain basic licence data online without hassle. Moreover, NSW and Tasmania have taken a step further by offering facilities explicitly designed for employers.

In Victoria, the protocol necessitates the use of the “Request Licence or Registration Information” form via VicRoads, requiring a driver’s signature for each enquiry. Yet, after a discussion with a VicRoads official, we are encouraged that changes are on the horizon. The ongoing trials of digital licences could potentially harmonise Victoria’s process with other states.

Organisational best practices now involve having employees validate their licences annually during performance reviews. Costs incurred are then reimbursed. There are HR solutions that store the expiry details of these credentials and flag renewal reminders. However, they don’t necessarily track demerit points or suspensions.

We have collated the links for each state’s procedure below for easy reference:

Current State-Wise Processes

We are keen to learn about your experiences and any methods you might be employing that differ from the ones mentioned. Please share your insights, resources, and feedback on the efficacy of the licence validation process within your organisation. Your perspectives could potentially spearhead further developments in this sector. Get in touch with me at [email protected]

In closing, while existing solutions serve the purpose, there remains an opportunity for enhancement, particularly with the progression of technology. We hold a positive outlook and encourage our community to persist in advocating for more streamlined approaches.

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