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Here’s a feelgood story coming out of Namibia that we probably all need to cheer our spirits in these challenging working conditions.

Is it good timing, good PR, good-will or a mixture of all 3? You be the judge.

A pair of new Land Rover Defender 110s in Namibia for a pre-launch media expedition, have rescued a truck driver whose semi-trailer was stuck in the country’s infamous Namib Desert.

The Land Rover media team, in the south-west African country to put the new Defender 110 through its paces in the 2,000 kilometre-long, 200 kilometre-wide Namib ahead of its April long-lead press launch, encountered the marooned truck and its driver while scouting-out a video shoot location.

After rescuing the unfortunate driver, who had been stranded in the remote desert with little to eat and drink and no communication with the outside world for three days, crews aboard the new Defender 110s – a D240 SE and a P400 S – quickly hooked-up snatching ropes to the prime mover and hauled it from the sand. 

Armed only with their new Land Rover Defender 110s, strong ropes and resourcefulness the Land Rover team managed to free the semi from the dry, sandy riverbed.

Land Rover Defender has a claimed 3,500 kilogram towing capacity but with the Scania prime mover and its tri-axle trailer weighing around 20 tonnes (20,000 kilograms) it is likely the Defenders may have exceeded their official towing capacity – and all on a slippery, sandy surface.

Professional photographer Damian Blakemore, who was part of the Land Rover Defender team in Namibia, described the rescue as: “International Rescue, New Defender style”.

Posting on Facebook, Damian said: “The driver and his truck had been stuck in this dry riverbed for three days, miles from anywhere. What a car! What a team!”

For the record, we’re tipping good-will was the number 1 motivator and it’s a mighty effort from all involved. More so than ever we as a community need to work together to help others where we can.

All-new Land Rover Defender 110 five-door will go on sale in Australia in August with pricing starting from $69,990 (plus on-road costs).