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The fleet and automotive industry is made up of professionals from many varied backgrounds, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to the sector. Often hailing from mechanical, operational, sales or procurement backgrounds, it’s this variety and experience, coupled with ongoing learning and development opportunities that determines career success.

One of AfMA’s core objectives is to promote fleet management as a professional vocation, much like doctors, engineers, accountants, and nurses. Each of these professions require their members to make a significant commitment to professional development every year.

Fleet and automotive industry professionals are often responsible for multi million dollar operational and capex budgets however do not have any mandatory professional development requirements.

AfMA’s board have launched a Continuing Professional Development Task Force with the purpose of researching, developing and testing industry acceptance to introduce minimum obligations for ongoing professional development across the fleet and automotive industries.

Chris Tulloch, Chief Operating Officer at Custom Fleet has been appointed as Chair of the CPD Task Force with Scott Owen, Senior Executive Manager – Fleet Solutions for Brisbane City Council being appointed as Vice Chair.

Chris is now seeking expressions of interest from AfMA members who wish to be involved in this step change. There is no doubt this initiative will create a lasting legacy for the fleet and automotive industry.

Click HERE to review the CPD Task Force Charter or contact Chis Tulloch +61 466 523 245 or AfMA’s Executive Director Mace Hartley +61 499 47 59 59 to discuss an opportunity to be involved.