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At the 2022 Australasian Fleet Conference and Exhibition, Alan Dormer of Opturion Pty Ltd talked about the role of dynamic optimisation for fleet operators.

“Optimisation is a way to help you make the best possible decision,” says Mr. Dormer.

With a proper optimisation strategy, fleet operators can reap benefits such as:

  • Solid benchmark or baseline data about their business
  • Guarantee compliance
  • Eliminate over servicing
  • Reduce cost
  • Increase revenue

During his session, Mr. Dormer highlighted how dynamic optimisation helps fleet managers and operators to provide solutions to problems that ensures compliance, delivers good customer service, while minimising costs.

According to Mr. Dormer, there are three levels of optimisation that are significant for fleets.

The first one is Strategic Optimisation which can be applied to “big decisions that cannot be undone” including, but not limited to, buying equipment, location, and entering contracts.

At this level, Mr Dormer explains, the optimisation approach should consider your fleet’s size, type, location, and operating hours as well as the level of demand. This can result in solutions that can keep your customers happy at lower costs.

The second one is tactical optimisation. This involves “using the resources you have in the most efficient way”.

The key challenges when it comes to tactical optimisation may include driver absence, incomplete or inaccurate information, and coordination. When issues like this arise, re-optimisation may also become necessary.

The third level of optimisation that Mr Dormer talked about is operational optimisation. This may include changes in orders, delays, and non-delivery of goods or services. For this type of issues, the optimisation approach involves having a more flexible Runsheet and actively developing a new schedule.

Want to hear more about this panel discussion? Click here to access the audio recording and the slide show deck from the Conference.

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