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The Australasian Fleet Management Association (AfMA) welcomes Susan Miller as its first accredited individual supplier from the USA.

Susan has been an integral part of the American fleet industry for 39 years and is currently a Senior Fleet Account Manager working for Geotab, the world’s largest telematics provided with over 2 million active devices.

An experienced fleet industry veteran, Susan has delivered strategic fleet solutions generating significant cost savings at the local, national and global levels. Susan has many accomplishments to her name including America’s Automotive Fleet’s Professional Fleet Manager of the Year, being a Fleet Hall of Fame inductee and a founding member of Women in Fleet Management (WIFM), and past President of Automotive Fleet & Leasing Associations (AFLA).

Susan achieved AfMA’s accreditation by completing four online courses designed to educate the uninitiated or reinforce the knowledge of industry professionals like Susan.

The courses include: –

  • Ethical Business Negotiations
  • Chain of Responsibility
  • Work Health & Safety in the Mobile Workplace
  • Risk & Hazard Management in the Mobile Workplace

Becoming an AfMA accredited individual provides Susan with access to AfMA’s member tools, such as our integrated whole of life cost calculator and our small fleet employer and driver guides that she can freely distribute to her customers where relevant.

The accreditation journey doesn’t stop there. Each year new courses will be introduced to maintain the professional development of accredited individual suppliers.

Whilst the course content is designed around Australia and New Zealand’s law and legislation, Work Health & Safety responsibilities are universally relevant.

“There are subtle differences in terminology between Australia and America which meant you needed to focus on the content rather than skimming over it,” Susan said.

“The content segmentation, knowledge checks and interactive nature were refreshing and concise”.

“I’m happy to align my personal brand with AfMA and applaud their goal of educating salespeople about fleet management and safety in the mobile workplace.”

Congratulations Susan, we look forward to supporting you!

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