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Congratulations Summit Fleet on 25 years in the Australian fleet leasing and management industry. Milestones like this provide an opportunity to recognise those who’ve contributed to the longevity of the organisation.

It’s not surprising the first people recognised by Darren Gore (Summit’s General Manager) were todays Summit Fleet team members and Summit’s founding customers and suppliers who’ve been there since 1997.

Summit’s journey has been guided by three different leaders, each with differing management and leadership styles but all focused on delivering quality outcomes and superior customer satisfaction.

Phil Jones started the business and over fifteen years built a rock-solid foundation before handing the batten to David Clinch. During David’s nine years the business grew in terms of team members, customers and vehicles under management. David’s mantra was simply “better, faster, smarter”.

Summit continues to evolve and is now guided by Darren Gore. Darren embraces continuous improvement by challenging the past and preparing the business to meet the demands ahead driven by new mobility solutions and systems. In Darren’s words, “today, Summit is a nimble business that is striving too just be better.”

A feature of Summits celebration evening was the address from the visiting President Kei Sato from parent company Sumitomo (SMAS). Mr Sato oversees the 6th largest global fleet management company comprising more than 1 million vehicles and was passionate towards the emerging mobility concepts that the group is developing.

Summit is enthusiastic about technology as evidenced by feedback from a global fleet manager responsible for over 50,000 vehicles who said, “Summit’s customer-facing business intelligence platform is the best system of its type he has ever seen.”

It’s clear to me Summit has been successful during their 25 years in the industry. There are few publicly owned organisations who can say they continue to employ such a large number of founding and long term team members.

Collectively, the Summit team are driven by their customers and their unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, their most recent Net Promoter Score of 62 is testament to that. I look forward to watching Summit’s evolution over the years ahead.