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17 more workers died in work related incidents in the first three months of 2017 than at the same point in 2016, new research has revealed.

The latest report from Safe Work Australia found there were 64 total fatalities in the first three months of 2016, compared to 47 for the previous year.

Vehicle incidents continue to be the leading cause of accidents, with nine fatalities within the month of March 2017 alone. Falling from a height and electrocution were the next most likely occurrences, with tradesmen and laborers most often in the firing line.

The report coincides with Safe Work Australia launching a month long campaign throughout August to help shine the spotlight on tradies’ health and safety.

The figures detailed below seek to provide a year-on-year comparison of the types of incidents reported for the first three months of 2017 compared with 2016.

It is important to bear in mind that the data displayed below has been sourced from the original reports and may have increased slightly as new incidents are reported to Safe Work Australia.

Source: Safe Work Australia

Source: Safe Work Australia

When it comes to the safety of certain industries, those most likely to feature work-related incidents remained the same year-on-year with Transport, Agriculture and Construction marked the top 3 most dangerous places to work.

Safe Work Australia CEO Michelle Baxter said while tradies make up almost one-third (30%) of Australia’s workforce, they represent over half (58%) of serious claims for workers’ compensation.

“Our research shows that the most common cause of injury involves muscular stress while lifting, carrying or putting down objects and the most common type of serious claim involves traumatic joint injuries,” she said.

“In particular, the construction industry is hazardous by nature and we work collaboratively with regulators, industry, unions and the community to identify the causes of injury and finding solutions to help tradies stay safe at work.”

Source: Safe Work Australia

Source: Safe Work Australia

Ms Baxter said that it was important that safety managers remained in contact with industry regulators to better promote safety within their working space.

“We recommend having a conversation with your work health and safety regulator about how you can make your worksite a safer place to be,” Ms Baxter said.

“Ultimately, we want every tradie to go home to their family, free from harm.”


The full data released from the monthly reports, along with information about Safe Work Australia’s Tradie Month awarencan be found at the following link.