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Electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla is encouraging businesses to consider workplace charging on vehicles to encourage employee take up.

Tesla is currently the market leader in producing premium electric vehicles and revolutionary energy products to accelerate the future of sustainable energy. Model S and Model X are currently the safest and quickest cars on the road— providing industry-leading performance and range. But for many people “range anxiety” still remains an issue, so having charging available in the workplace could soon become a viable solution.

“As the world moves toward sustainable transportation, employees will expect charging to be available at their workplace,” a Tesla spokesperson said.

“You can make an environmental impact by providing charging for employees to make their commute more convenient”

For qualifying companies, it is expected that Tesla will provide an installation quote and complimentary charging hardware. Tesla may also offer the opportunity to host test drive events at your location. Workplace charging stations utilise the same unit as the Wall Connectors used at home and charge at a rate of up to 40 km per hour on a single phase connection, or up to 80 km per hour with a three-phase connection.

“Businesses will be able to request a qualified electrician to inspect your property, provide a quote for installation and once confirmed arrange shipment of your Wall Connector(s),” the company said.

“As a guide, the average installation costs approximately $1500 per Wall Connector and can be installed on a single phase or a three-phase with programmable current settings.

“Once both parties are happy with the cost of installation Tesla will arrange shipment of the Wall Connector(s),” the company said.

Tesla workplace charging can be offered exclusively to employees of the company or residents of the property and do not need to be available to the general public. The average daily commute is 50 km and would take just under two hours on a 7kW connection charging. Tesla is pitching this as a complimentary service that busines can provide to replenish what was used for the daily commute, equivalent to offering employees free coffee – minus the ongoing maintenance or servicing.

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