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Griffith University has completed a comprehensive survey of 369 EV owners in Queensland to better understand early adopters’ motivation, driving habits, and use of energy.

The survey found the most likely group of private EV buyers in Queensland were men, university educated, high-income earners, living in detached homes in suburban multi-person households.

Most early adopters acquired battery electric vehicles (BEVs). At the time of purchase, early adopters ranked the following considerations as being relevant when choosing an EV: reducing CO2 emissions; convenience of charging at home; reducing cost of ownership; and driving range on a single charge.

Majority of EV’s are charged at home during off-peak hours to reduce their energy costs.  Charging early evening was the least preferred time of charging and only 19% used public charging infrastructure.

More than half surveyed were using a combination of the grid and solar and an additional 15% also had solar batteries. After acquisition, range anxiety no longer a major issue.

Most travel during weekdays did not exceed 70 kilometres and up to half, travelled no more than 50 kilometres. Weekend driving patterns shift slightly upwards, but most EV cars sold today would meet the driving patterns reported making it less of a barrier to entry.

The results of the survey matched with similar international surveys. The survey was designed in collaboration with Energy Queensland and Queensland Government Transport, Main Roads.

Dr Anna Mortimore is a lecturer of Griffith University.