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The Australian Fleet Management Association (AfMA) is delighted to announce the re-appointment of Allan Coulter as the newest Chapter Member for Victoria. With a dedicated commitment spanning over a decade, Allan brings a wealth of experience and passion to his role within the AfMA community.

Allan Coulter’s journey in the automotive industry is nothing short of remarkable. Starting his career as a mechanic in 1984, Allan’s expertise expanded into both Civilian and Military automotive qualifications, laying a strong foundation for his future endeavours. In 2003, he transitioned into the corporate world with a global automotive supplier, primarily focusing on the Tyre industry in Australia and New Zealand.

Over the years, Allan’s career path has taken him through country roads and city flight paths, providing him with valuable insights into the challenges faced by fleet operators and managers across various sectors. His dedication to understanding the intricacies of the industry has not been limited to the Tyre world, resulting in a well-rounded perspective.

Allan Coulter’s extensive network of contacts within the automotive industry reflects his commitment to fostering collaboration and support among peers. He firmly believes in the power of unity within the fleet community, recognizing that shared experiences and collective efforts contribute significantly to growth and improvement.

“As a proud father of three adults, a devoted husband, and a friend to my dog, I am honoured to extend my role as Chapter Committee Member for AFMA in Victoria. Having been a part of this esteemed organisation for over 10 years, I am enthusiastic about the opportunities to collaborate and proactively assist the industry in its continuous evolution,” Allan expressed.

Allan is eager to leverage his experience, network, and genuine passion for the automotive sector to contribute to the growth and success of AfMA and its members.

Please join us in welcoming Allan Coulter to this pivotal role within the AfMA community. His dedication and wealth of experience will undoubtedly make a positive impact on the fleet management landscape in Victoria and beyond.

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