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Driving the Future: Electrification, Innovation and Sustainable Progress in Fleet Management 

Yesterday, at the eagerly awaited Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition dinner, Jitesh Singh, Head of Fleet at Waste Management NZ (WMNZ), received the prestigious 2023 Fleet Manager of the Year award. Over 600 guests attended the event, celebrating Jitesh’s extraordinary accomplishments, innovation, dedication, and passion in the realm of fleet management. 

Under Jitesh’s exemplary leadership, WMNZ embarked on a transformative journey towards fleet electrification and decarbonisation. With the addition of 97 EV cars, 29 heavy EV trucks, and another 23 lorries planned for delivery this year, Jitesh’s commitment to environmental sustainability has been nothing short of remarkable. 

Throughout his 10 years with WMNZ, Jitesh has been at the forefront of innovation and collaboration, working closely with international partners to bring cutting-edge vehicle technology to New Zealand. In addition to his technical prowess, Jitesh has fostered a culture of pride and enthusiasm among WMNZ’s 1,500 employees as they embrace the electric vehicle revolution. 

Furthermore, Jitesh’s dedication to sharing knowledge with other businesses and promoting the electrification of fleets has elevated the entire fleet industry. He is a true ambassador for progress and sustainability in the face of our planet’s greatest challenges. 

Singh’s notable achievements include: 

  • Expanding WMNZ’s fleet with the addition of 97 EV passenger cars and 29 heavy EV trucks, with plans to deliver a further 23 trucks in 2023. 
  • Establishing the Electric Vehicle Innovation Hub in Auckland, New Zealand’s first heavy EV conversion and repair workshop dedicated to converting diesel trucks into electric vehicles. 
  • Successfully overseeing the conversion of 30 electric trucks, with a target of 50 conversions set for completion by the end of 2023. 
  • Achieving a milestone of over 1 million electric kilometres driven by the company’s EV trucks. 
  • Decreasing the average age of the fleet from 13 years in 2014 to 8 years in 2022. 
  • Introducing telematics, in-cab drive cam systems and AI camera technology to enhance fleet safety and efficiency. 
  • Collaborating with international partners, to develop and implement innovative fleet solutions across Waste Management NZ’s fleet. 
  • Development of specialist collection trucks to suit WMNZ’s customer and operational requirements with consideration to safety, innovation and efficiency  

The AfMA 2023 Fleet Manager of the Year award is sponsored by BP and Geotab, whose unwavering support continues to play a crucial role in recognising our industry’s leaders. The Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition serves as a platform for celebrating exceptional achievements and fostering professional development within the fleet management sector.  

Jitesh Singh’s dedication to excellence and commitment to safety, environmentally friendly solutions, and innovation are recognised and celebrated throughout the industry. We eagerly await further innovation and progress as Singh continues his outstanding work. 

The Australasian Fleet Management Association extends its heartfelt congratulations to Jitesh Singh!