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Volkswagen Group Australia has received federal government approval for another 61,000 vehicles affected by the emissions cheat device to commence rectification.26volkswagen-web-facebookjumbo

Of the newly approved vehicles, more than 35,000 have software solutions readily available, the remainder to come into line ‘shortly’, according to VW Australia.

The total government approval number now amounts to 70,000 vehicles including the 9000 Amaroks which commenced recalls earlier this year.

The rectification includes mostly just software updates for the 1.6 and 2.0-litre TDI turbo diesel engines. Vehicles with the 1.6-litre AE196 four-cylinder engine
will require a hardware component called a ‘flow straightener’ may need to be added to the vehicle’s air intake. The ‘flow straightener’ is a plastic cylinder with a grid pattern at one end designed to stabalise the air flow rate measured by the vehicle’s mass air flow sensor.db2015au01442_small

The free-of-charge work takes up to an hour and affected owners will be contact by Volkswagen in writing, encouraging them to make an appointment with their local VW dealer.

VW Australia boss Michael Bartsch believes the work is
‘significant’, despite the ease at which the problem can be rectified.

“Major progress has been made in this process,” Bartsch said, “approval authorities in Europe conducted a review and certified that following the update, the fuel figures and Co2 emissions originally listed by the manufacturer were confirmed. Engine performance, maximum torque and noise emissions were unaffected.”

VW and Skoda customers are urged to check their vehicle VIN 1.6 TDI Motor ( EA 189 ): Strömungsgleichrichter (Einbau: Bild 6 von 6)numbers on the Volkswagen website  and the Skoda website for clarification.