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According to a recent report by the Vietnam Automobile Association (VAMA), vehicle sales in April reached 24,530 units. This is an 11 percent decrease compared to March 2024 but an increase of 9 percent from April 2023.

Total Industry Sales

Passenger cars dominated the industry with 17,258 units sold or 71 percent of total vehicle sales. Despite this, total passenger car sales decreased 9 percent from the previous month. In total, there were 3,259 sedans, 5,202 SUVs, 1,836 cross-overs, 87 hatchbacks, and 757 other types of passenger vehicles sold this month.

Meanwhile, commercial vehicles saw a 15 percent drop compared to March 2024 with 6,815 new units sold. Meanwhile, there were 277 special-purpose vehicles sold in April, a 21 percent increase from the previous month.

Sales of Complete Knock-Down (CKD) vehicles, those that are shipped in parts and assembled at the dealership or factory, were 11,983 units (down 17 percent compared to last month). Meanwhile, Complete Built-Up (CBU) vehicles, cars that are shipped in one piece and do not need to be assembled, sold 12,367 units (down 3 percent from last year).

VAMA Members’ Performance

VAMA members reported a combined sales volume of 21,039 units for April 2024. This figure reflects a 13% decrease from March 2024 but a 2% increase from April 2023. Year-to-date (YTD) sales for VAMA members total 71,886 units, down 12% from the same period in 2023.

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