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Drivers of electric (EV), hydrogen (HEV), and plug-in hybrid (PHEV) vehicles in Victoria will be paying more per kilometre for the Zero and Low Emission Vehicle (ZLEV) road-user charge (RUC) beginning 1 July 2023.

According to VicRoads, EVs and HEVs will be charged 2.8 cent per km (up 8 percent from the previous 2.6 cent per km charge) while PHEVs 2.3 cents per km (up 10 percent from the previous 2.1 cents per km charge).

“The increase is in line with that of other Government indexed fees and charges which come into effect on 1 July each year. VicRoads collects the ZLEV road user charge on behalf of the Victorian Government.” According to the VicRoads website.

EV, FCEV, and PHEV owners will still receive a $100 discount for renewing their car registrations. This offsets the first 3846km of travel for EV/FCEV drivers and the first 4762km covered by those in PHEVs.

The ZLEV RUC was first introduced in 2021 and required owners of zero and low emission vehicles to record the distance they travelled annually pay a tax on that distance along with vehicle registration costs. This was intended as a stand-in for fuel excise and is used to fund Victorian roads.

The new rate will come into effect a day after the $3000 Victorian EV purchase rebate is abolished.

New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia will also introduce road user charges, these will only take effect in January 2027.

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