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Victorians interested in electric vehicles can get a $3000 rebate on their purchase after the Victorian Government introduced an extra $7.2 million into the electric vehicle incentives scheme.

The additional funding will allow a further 2600 potential EV owners to enjoy the benefits, hopefully encouraging even more people to adopt an EV.

The Victorian subsidy was originally introduced in May 2021, available to the first 20,000 electric vehicles or fuel-cell electric vehicles sold under $68,740 before on-road costs.

The increase in funding has been positively received by Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries with CEO Tony Weber supporting the push for zero-emission vehicle incentives.

“The Victorian Government’s announcement of an additional $7.2 million in purchase incentives for electric vehicles is welcome news for motorists who have been considering the move to an electric vehicle,” said Weber.

“This additional spending complements the Government’s charging infrastructure investment across the state.”

Victoria has faced scrutiny in the past regarding the governments approach to EV adoption after being the first Australian state/territory to introduce a road user charge in July 2021 which would tax zero-emission vehicles at 2.5 cents per kilometre.

The funding continues to push Victoria towards net zero goals and a large state fleet of zero-emission vehicles.