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Australian new car sales figures hit record highs. Here are the latest new car stats for semester one, 2016


Aussies have bought more new cars this year than any other previously. In the first half of 2016 we bought 598,140 new cars to the end of June, an increase of 3.4 per cent over the same time last year. June alone saw 128,569 newbies leave showrooms, and fleet buyers have done a lot of the big hitting.

Light commercials and SUVs were the the top choice for businesses, up by 16.4 and 18.7 per cent respectively compared to June sales in 2015. Diesel SUV sales to non-private buyers cracked a 37.6 per cent increase.

A CarAdvice article reveals the Toyota HiAce was the highest seller in 2016 thus far at 3689 units (a 1.7% drop compared with the same time 2015) but it was still ahead of its nearest rival the Hyundai iLoad at 3101 stuff-movers (a 32% sales rise), the Renault Trafic accrued 965 sales, while the Germans fared okay at 946 VW Transporters and Mercedes Vito at 608 units, while the Blue Oval managed just 600 Transits.

June’s top five best selling cars were the Hyundai i30 at 6432 units, Toyota HiLux with 4513 finding new homes and 4427 Corollas giving the hatch/sedan a close third. Mazda sold 4112 3s and Ford topped 4078 Ranger utes.

Ford Ranger 2016 Mazda3 TOY_RAV4_Cruiser_GXL_GX_151118p1383lr

Locally-made vehicles sold in 2016 made respectable numbers too with Holden Commodore selling 13,349 times and Caprice was the highest selling in the Large Under 100k bracket with 101 luxury sedans shifted. Toyota Camry clocked 9905 units, although Falcon figures did no such ranking at just 475 cars.

Manufacturer numbers were as equally rotund with Toyota selling 22,083 cars in June to take a dominating 17.2 per cent market share overall. Mazda took 9.7 per cent, followed closely by Hyundai at 9.6 per cent and local label Holden managing 8.8 per cent, in front of Mitsubishi on 6.8 per cent overall market share.

Passenger cars dropped 4.5 per cent over June 2015 while light commercials, including 4×4 utes and cab chassis, managed 5.9 per cent increase in market sales.

Renault Trafic