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Please get your drivers, families and friends to complete this anonymous survey to help AfMA better understand peoples general knowledge about vehicle safety features.

Safe vehicles and safe drivers are two of the core pillars of road safety. An emerging issue is that many drivers are finding themselves overwhelmed by safety technology in the vehicle.

For the driver, the car goes beep, bing, pop and occasionally the steering wheel seems to have a mind of its own. This is the technological quagmire of the modern car.

Whilst not understanding all the safety equipment, drivers assume if I buy an ANCAP 5 star rated vehicle these issues don’t matter as they have a safe vehicle. Whilst that’s correct, a vehicle rated 5 stars in 2016, may not be as safe as a 5 star vehicle rated in 2019.

To help all drivers of passenger, SUV and light commercial vehicles to understand vehicle safety features, the Australasian Fleet Management Association (AfMA)  and the Department of Transport Victoria are working together to build two online short interactive courses.

To underpin the courses, a short 17 question (10 minute) survey has been developed to gather information to support the courses content, noting survey responses are anonymous.

We hope you can take the time as part of your social isolation to complete the survey.