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A new Vehicle Emissions Star Ratings (VESR) website has recently been launched to provide information on the running costs and the environmental impact of vehicles.

Launched by the News South Wales (NSW) government, the VESR allows users to research and compare CO2 emissions of light vehicles in Australia since 2004. It uses a star rating system like energy efficiency labels used on home appliances. Vehicles are rated on a scale from half a star to six stars, based on tailpipe CO2 emissions.

The VESR website offers intuitive browsing options, allowing users to explore vehicles by type or body type. A calculator feature enables customisation based on parameters such as fuel prices and annual mileage, ensuring relevance to individual circumstances.

Currently, data is available for 16,000 new and used cars, SUVs, Utes, and vans. This is based on the Australian Government’s Green Vehicle Guide (GVG) and uses manufacturer data.

VESR aims to be a dynamic resource with real-world applications. Fleet managers, in particular, can utilise VESR to transition to a lower-carbon future by decarbonising their fleets. NSW government aims to foster partnerships and collaborations with fleet managers, operators, and the industry to promote widespread VESR adoption.

Consumers, industry professionals, fleet managers, and operators are encouraged to engage with VESR by exploring the website, providing feedback, and considering integrating VERS resources into their respective platforms or decision-making processes. You can check out the website here:

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