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Fast EV chargers have long been limited to large public sites and big businesses, but a new wall charger is helping to bring big power to the home, at a fraction of the cost.

With passenger EV sales set to rise to 28 million in 2030 and 56 million by 2040*, consumers will require confidence that they can easily charge their vehicle whether it be at home, in the office or everywhere in between.

To solve the problem technology leader ABB has been developing the Terra AC wallbox, a unit set to provide “high-value quality, futureproof flexibility, and advanced safety and protection”.

The move follows ABB’s work in bringing the earlier Terra HP model to market, notably in Chargefox’s rapid EV charge networks, first deployed at Euroa, Victoria in 2018.

“The trends of urbanisation, digitalisation and industrialisation all converged to necessitate a significant shift in the way we travel,” said ABB’s Head of Electrification Business David Sullivan.

“Already leading the DC fast charging market, we recognised the need to draw on our extensive experience to develop a game-changing AC solution for overnight or longer duration charging in homes and businesses.”

The new Terra AC wallbox, is available in 22kW/32A on three-phase or 7.4kW/32A on single-phase variants, to ensure compatibility with the electrical system of homes and buildings across the world.

The device is enabled for remote software updates to ensure optimal performance while minimising the need for onsite intervention – a must in this necessary period of social distancing.

A broad range of connectivity options including Wifi, Bluetooth and Ethernet also come as standard for easy control and integration with existing infrastructure.

Frustratingly the Swiss-Swedish company has not revealed prices for the home charging unit, but trumpets its value for money as listed below.

High-value quality

  • The best value AC charger on the market
  • Remote software updates
  • Variety of connectivity options

Futureproof flexibility

  • Smart functionality for optimized charging
  • Enabled for dynamic load management
  • Dedicated user App

Safety and protection

  • 3rd party tested and certified
  • Current limiting protection
  • Integrated ground fault and surge protection

“Australia has set itself some ambitious carbon reduction targets and we are delighted that our pioneering charging technology can assist in driving the increased adoption of electric vehicles and the resultant benefits for the environment,” said BB’s Managing Director for electric vehicle charging infrastructure Frank Muehlon.

Pricing for the Terra AC wall box is yet to be announced.

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