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A recent study of 15,000 electric vehicle owners in the US has revealed that only 1.5 percent of EV batteries have been replaced in the last decade.

According to Recurrent, an analyst of EV range and batteries, the result of the study is “a testament to EV durability that helps to dismantle consumer fears about maintenance cost and resale value”.

“Used EV shoppers worry that the car battery will degrade quickly like a mobile phone battery, and not be able to hold a charge within a few years,” said Liz Najman, lead researcher at Recurrent.

“That is not a good comparison because EV packs are complex technology with battery management systems that carefully regulate things like charging and temperature. This research shows that batteries are holding up better than expected and replacements are not an automatic surprise expense for owners at 101,000 miles.”

In the US, battery replacements can typically cost between $5000 to $20,000. However, if the vehicle is still within manufacturer warranty (about 8 years or 100,000 miles), the battery can be replaced at no extra cost “as long as minimum range or state of health thresholds are reached.”

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