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A proposal has been put forward to augment the dimensions of parking bays nationwide as larger vehicles prevail on Australian roads. The revision targets the widely-used standard AS/NZS 2890.1:2004 – Parking Facilities – Part 1: Off-street car parking, suggesting an increase in the length of off-street parking spaces from 5.4 meters to 5.6 meters.

Adam Stingemore, the General Manager of Engagement and Communications at Standards Australia, emphasized the necessity of adapting to the evolving landscape of Australia’s vehicle fleet.

“The last revision to the standard happened 18 years ago. The experts that we work with to put that in place looked at the average car that we drove back in 2004. We have changed our national fleet significantly over the last quarter,” Mr. Stingemore stated.

“Back in 2004 when we last reviewed the standard, about 13% of our national vehicle fleet was an SUV. It’s now about 40%. As our cars have changed, we also need to consider our car parks,” he added.

The proposed modification acknowledges the substantial shift in the types of vehicles dominating Australian roads. The revision, if approved, will address the inadequacy of existing parking bay dimensions in accommodating larger vehicles such as SUVs, which now constitute a significant portion of the national fleet.

While state and local authorities may have their own regulations in town and area planning, the Australian Standards typically hold sway in court proceedings. The proposed changes to the parking standards are currently open for public comment until November 9, 2023, and can be accessed at

Stakeholders, including urban planners, developers, and the public, are encouraged to contribute their insights and opinions during this consultation period. The revised standard is anticipated to be finalized in approximately six months, marking a crucial step in aligning Australia’s parking infrastructure with the contemporary automotive landscape.

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