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A scheme launched by the Victorian government is aiming to give young drivers the opportunity to upgrade their older unsafe vehicles to a newer model.

The Unsafe2safe program provides those aged 18-25 years old from regional areas up to $5000 to buy a newer, safer vehicle.

Those wanting to apply to the program must also hold a Victorian driver’s licence and be registered as an owner of a vehicle that is 16 or more years old, with a poor safety rating of two stars or less.

1000 of those who have applied and are eligible will be selected at random.

Young drivers from regional areas have become the target of the scheme as data shows they are the most likely to be killed in vehicle crashes.

While the Unsafe2safe program is aiming to give young drivers safer vehicles the scheme will also help in reducing the average age of the national fleet, making roads safer for all drivers.

The Unsafe2safe webpage has outlined the strong focus of safety for our roads and young drivers as an at-risk group on the road.

“One of the priorities of Victoria’s Road Safety Strategy 2021-2030 is to remove unsafe vehicles from the roads. One way of doing this is to facilitate access to vehicles with advanced vehicle safety technology. It can be the difference between walking away versus ending up in a hospital or worse.”

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