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The Evolution of Ultra Tune

In the Beginning

Ultra Tune started in 1979 with a pilot store in Box Hill, Victoria and grew rapidly across the country. Using the latest Dyno Tune technology, which enabled vehicles to be tuned whilst on “rolling roads”.

By 1983 the company realized “the tune-up only” offering was not a viable option in the long term and instead of redeveloping the franchise model to accommodate a wider range of services, it was sold to new owners (predominantly groups of existing Ultra Tune franchisees) in Queensland, NSW, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia.

In 1988 each of the franchisor entities (with the exception of South Australia) merged to form a new company Ultra Tune (Systems) Australia Pty Ltd. (UTSA), opening its’ first store in WA within 12 months.

The Formative Years

Current Executive Chairman, Sean Buckley acquired management and later shareholding control after a public auction in 1994.

Ultra Tune Australia Pty Ltd was born and over the next 26 plus years Buckley grew the organization from around 70 mediocrely operating franchises into a successful national franchise network model of some 260 plus stores.


While Ultra Tune started with a fixed price tune/lube service it has evolved to offer both fleet and private motorists a full range of automotive services, each performed in a structured series of operating procedures ensuring a faster, more efficient and cost effective service.

Ultra Tune employs specialist personnel and provides first class support to franchise owners across the country.

Mr. Buckley claims “Ultra Tune is an IT company that happens to service cars”.

“Car servicing is our stock in trade, but where Ultra Tune has managed to stay ahead of the curve is by reading market trends. In the early days it was by introducing ‘dyno-tuning’, today we aim to stay ahead of the competition by building a state-of-the-art IT platform which handles every aspect of the business – from booking service to reviewing service records, to sending out reminders to clients that their next booking is due, to invoicing and a range of other applications, all at the click of a mouse” asserts Mr. Buckley.

COVID-19 and the Future Landscape

The global pandemic has certainly impacted the way organizations do business. Ultra Tune was quick to adapt; using social media to stay on top of communications and modifying services with offers such as vehicle drop-offs, “touchless” servicing, hygienic cleans and antibacterial MiST sprays.

“The current climate is tough for all Australians personally and in business” commented Mr. Buckley. “However, I believe there will be a rapid expansion in our sector in coming years. With key changes to legislation anticipated in 2020, the auto servicing market will sit on a  fairer playing field, not to mention people will be more frugal with their expenditure holding onto their cars for longer, which are the vehicles Ultra Tune specializes in.

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