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It has certainly been a surreal working environment over the past 5 months, and this has thrown the fleet industry many ‘curve balls’.

The tyre industry has been no exception and Tyrepower as a group has been resilient and focused on service as a key priority.

Tyrepower is unique within the tyre industry, being a co-operative business model, comprising of over 275 stores nationally, making us the largest truly independent tyre retailer in Australia (and New Zealand). The store owners are the shareholders of our business.

Having more than 65% of stores located in regional, rural and remote locations throughout Australia we have ‘weathered’ the COVID-19 storm well, and in fact the fleet division has recorded record numbers.

Feedback and general observations have been that many tyre outlets had closed or reduced operating hours depending on the specific state and location. As the enormity of the COVID-19 pandemic unfolded, Tyrepower remained, in the main, fully operational as a business. Stores readily adapted to the changing landscape and statutory state and federal requirements which greatly assisted FMO’s and fleet customers alike. Such as collecting vehicles, dropping off vehicles thereby minimising social interaction.

The Tyrepower model is based on having an extensive range of manufacturers products, competitive pricing and exemplary level of service, which customers have responded to extremely favourably during the pandemic. As not all manufacturer stock levels have been plentiful with manufacturing plants and distribution centres being disrupted, our range has ensured customers have not been disadvantaged in having to wait for orders to be filled.  Having an excellent ‘footprint’ nationally in all states and territories, with Tyrepower stores remaining open, ensured we assisted many novated customers while working from home, not for profit organisations, essential services, mining, and construction organisations.

Our centralised approach affording FMO’s and fleet customers alike, the ability to access and utilise all stores nationally under a ‘single platform’, has provided customers with a level of consistency and certainty in what could only be described as extremely difficult and uncertain times.

These uncertain times are likely to remain, and what the ‘new’ normal will look like is the real unknown. The likelihood that more people will be working from home will certainly change the vehicle fleet compositions in the future. The ability to adapt to this change is the challenge all businesses operating in the fleet industry will experience. Tyrepower prides itself in its’ relationships with organisations to work with them in adapting to the evolving changes ahead.

Tyrepower is constantly embarking upon growth in terms of greenfield locations and existing stores becoming a Tyrepower location. This expansion will greatly enhance both the FMO sector and the fleet customer. Location and convenience are paramount to keeping vehicles on the road, with minimum downtime.

We look forward to interesting times ahead and welcome the opportunity to work with organisations in all sectors within the fleet industry.

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