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Sustainability is a fundamental aspect of fleet management. By merging two successful fleet conferences – the Australasian Fleet Conference & Exhibition and the National Public Sector Fleet Managers Conference, hundreds of thousands of dollars in duplicated costs across facilities, operational expenses, and sponsorship and exhibition fees are eliminated.

The combined event will be managed by the Australasian Fleet Management Association (AfMA) and will be known as the Australasian Fleet Education & Leadership Summit reflecting the content delivered over recent years by AfMA.

The custodians of the National Public Sector Fleet Managers Conference are a group known as FMBIG, the Fleet Management Benchmarking Improvement Group. The group includes the Fleet Management Organisations (FMO) for each state, territory, and the federal governments of Australia and New Zealand. FMBIG acknowledges that the ethos of ‘doing more with less’ resonates across the fleet management profession, regardless of industry vertical. This initiative delivers tangible benefits by minimising waste and duplication and enhancing opportunities for knowledge sharing.

Mace Hartley, AfMA’s Executive Director, thanks FMBIG for trusting AfMA with the responsibility to continue the professional education of public sector employees responsible for fleet management functions across the sector.

The program for the 2024 Australasian Fleet Education & Leadership Summit (Fleet Leadership Summit) has been meticulously crafted to cover all aspects of fleet management, including vehicle procurement and disposal, fleet maintenance and operations, adherence to safety standards and compliance, environmental sustainability and efforts towards emissions reduction, the impact of technological advancements on fleet operations, and the development of policies and strategic planning.

What Does this Mean for the Industry?

  • For the private sector, its business as usual.
  • For industry suppliers, you’ll save money on exhibition and sponsorship costs.
  • For the public sector, your state, territory, or federal government FMO will shortly provide you access to a dedicated public sector portal, providing access to thirty (30) Summit scholarships providing free access, and heavily subsidised Summit tickets.

About the Fleet Education & Leadership Summit

The theme for the 2024 Fleet Leadership Summit is “Making a Difference Together” and is scheduled for May 21-22 at Rosehill Gardens Racecourse, Sydney Australia.

AfMA’s Fleet Leadership Summit is the largest gathering of fleet professionals in Asia Pacific. With several hundred individuals who own, control or influence over 1 million vehicles, it offers a unique platform for sharing knowledge, enhancing safety, efficiency, and environmental sustainability, whilst providing an opportunity to foster the next generation of fleet practitioners.

This Fleet Leadership Summit is not just about individual advancement but about making a collective difference. It’s an ideal setting for us to come together, learn from each other, and drive meaningful change across the industry.

Two Days of Immersive Education & Leadership Development

Operating over two days, the Fleet Leadership Summit provides an immersive learning opportunity, combined with personal and professional development.

There is a third day for some! Special industry groups meet the day prior to the Summit, whilst overseas and interstate fleet managers are likely to be invited to a Leaders of Industry Dinner the night before the Summit.

Schedule Overview

Monday, May 20th (Invite only)

  • Diploma of Leadership & Management, face-to-face learning for participants
  • Utilities Forum 2.0 (NRSPP & AfMA)
  • National Police Fleet Group
  • Fleet Management Benchmarking Improvement Group (FMBIG)
  • Leaders of Industry Dinner

Tuesday, May 21st (Conference ticket required)

  • Australasian Fleet Education & Leadership Summit
  • Electric Vehicle – Ride and Drive
  • CPR Training
  • 2024 Industry Dinner & Fleet Awards Presentation

Wednesday, May 22nd (Conference ticket required)

  • Australasian Fleet Education & Leadership Summit
  • Electric Vehicle – Ride and Drive
  • CPR Training
  • Bus transport to domestic and international airports

The 2024 Fleet Leadership Summit program will be released next week. Accommodations and other important information can be found here or at