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Japanese automaker brings hydrogen vehicles back to Australia


Three hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, the Toyota Mirai, will tour Australia to promote the alternative technology. After first appearing briefly in October 2015, the new vehicles will also be accompanied later in the year by a portable hydrogen re-fuelling rig which will allow the FCVs to make various promotional appearances.

Toyota Australia president Dave Buttner said the Mirai’s will be rolling information hubs for this new and exciting technology.

“We are looking forward to educating a whole new audience on this future technology and generating more awareness of fuel cell vehicles,” Buttner said.

While the Mirai is currently for sale in California, Japan and in various European countries, there’s been little noise made in Australia.

“We are extremely interested in fuel cell technology but we need the relevant infrastructure in place before we can sell these vehicles in Australia,” Buttner said. “This will take time to develop so it’s important that we take a whole of industry approach so we can moves these plans along as quickly as possible.”


The Miari hydrogen-powered electric vehicles will make appearances in the coming months and the refueller is expected to arrive before the end of 2016. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles use compressed hydrogen gas to generate electricity which powers motors inside the vehicle like a regular plug-in EV, emitting only water out the tailpipe.

Hyundai Australia also has an ix35 hydrogen fuel cell SUV with it’s own built-in hydrogen refuelling rig at their Macquarie Park head office.