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Getting help to the scene of an emergency as quickly as possible can make all the difference.

From late 2020, select new Toyota vehicles will come fitted with connected-car capabilities thanks to a long-term partnership between leading mobility company, Toyota Motor Corporation Australia (TMCA), and Australian technology company, Intelematics.

Intelematics’ ASURE product suite will support Toyota’s Connected Safety and Security offering, including Automatic Collision Notification (ACN), SOS Emergency call (SOS) and Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT). Behind the scenes, Intelematics has implemented this product suite alongside in-car technology and a contact centre partner to deliver best of breed, Australian-based services to select vehicles.

Toyota’s new Yaris Cross is the first model offered with this technology, employing a Data Communication Module (DCM) that is designed to automatically generate an SOS emergency call to a 24/7 Emergency Call Centre and relay the location of the vehicle in the event of a trigger, if an airbag deploys, or if an occupant presses the SOS (personal duress) button located above the overhead console in the vehicle. The trained Call Centre personnel then have the ability to assess, triage, and facilitate an accurate and fast response from emergency services, potentially saving lives as a result.

TMCA vehicles are already widely known for their quality but also the advanced level of safety technology featured therein, something of which will be even more notable with the support of Intelematics’ ASURE product suite.

Intelematics Australia’s Chief Operating Officer, Stephen Owens, says this plays a crucial role in ensuring a quick response from emergency services.

“We know that time is of the essence in an emergency situation. Now, vehicle occupants will have access to one of the best emergency assistance products on the market. Intelematics is incredibly proud to partner with TMCA and to deploy our local technology and services to help them to deliver connected vehicles to Australian drivers,” Mr Owens said.

“Intelematics has a heritage in providing highly valued services to the Australian Automobile industry and being an integral part of this program continues that tradition. The Intelematics ASURE product suite has again proven its capability in supporting large scale connected vehicle programs in local and global markets.”

Toyota Australia’s Vice President Sales and Marketing Sean Hanley said the introduction of connected services is another way to reinforce commitment to the continual improvement of safety.

“Having the ability to further protect the wellbeing of our customers through the delivery of connected safety and security services with the assistance of Intelematics’ Call Centre solutions and services is a wonderful addition to our vehicle technology,” Mr Hanley said.

Further information about the partnership can be found here.