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A recent study has found that Toyota Motors currently holds the most patents for solid state batteries totaling 1131 known patents as of March 2022.

The study was conducted by Nikkei who has partnered with Tokyo research company Patent Result to pore over solid-state battery patent applications submitted to the World Intellectual Property Organization and another group.

The study looked at applications turned in between 2000 through the end of March from 10 countries and territories.

According to their report, Panasonic Holdings come at a distant second with 445 patents followed by Idemitsu Kosan (272 patents) in third place.

Toyota’s research in solid-state batteries began in the 1990s. So far, they hold patents across a wide range of applications from batter structure and material to manufacturing processes. From 2016 to 2020, the company has increased the patents they hold by roughly 40 percent.

In 2020, the car maker developed a running prototype vehicle powered by a solid-state battery. They have also partnered with Panasonic to research and develop solid-state technology.

According to reports, Toyota is expected to roll out a hybrid vehicle running on a solid-state battery within the next ten years.

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