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Roev is an Australian company that has developed an electric Toyota HiLux for fleet buyers.

The Toyota Hilux has been one of Australia’s top-selling vehicles for several years which made it a prime choice for Roev’s electric conversion.

The CEO and co-founder of Roev, Noah Wasmer said in a media statement:

“The ute is the obvious choice because of the size of the market and the fact that there is no outlook at all for mainstream electric utes hitting our shores.

“They are also among the worst emitters of CO2 being almost 100 per cent diesel and with high kilometres driven due to the nature of their use.”

“The Roev team (is) taking action today with an EV Fleet Program to convert current model diesel utes to electric. Roev (is) working with business and government fleets to convert their current model Toyota HiLux and Ford Rangers to electric vehicles.”

Roev has created a prototype electric converted HiLux.

Electric conversion on traditional ICE vehicles can provide another avenue of electrification in fleet, creating more options for fleets when manufacturers have not caught up just yet.

Roev has not disclosed the cost of conversion.

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