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Toyota Fleet Management has launched its own car-sharing system which allows scheduling, booking and reporting for businesses to manage pool vehicles to their most efficient.

This centralised system is designed to give users a shared vehicle system usable on smartphones via an app, and also on desktop, identifying available vehicles and bookings immediately with ease.

Car Sharing from TFM comes in three packages which can be customised to suit a particular fleet requirement, including a keyless entry option with tap-and-go access via a smartphone or swipe card.

“We always listen to the needs and requests of our valued customers and make sure we’re ahead of the game in terms of intruding new and innovative products designed to optimise the use of fleet assets,” said TFM general manager Ed Stanistreet.

Ed said the idea is to maximise the use of existing fleet vehicles to avoid wasted time, assets and on-road costs.

“The key benefit of Car Sharing is the ability to maximise utilisation…by reducing the total number of cars needed.”

“This can involve making company cars parked all day on-site available for others to use in business hours. Those used in business hours can be made available to others to hire on evenings and weekends as a potential revenue stream.”