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UPDATE: Toyota Corolla Hatch now receives collision avoidance technology.

The 2017 Toyota Corolla sedan has been given collision avoidance technology in celebration of its golden anniversary.

Autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and lane departure warning are now part of a safety pack added to the top-spec ZR variant, a $750 option on the mid-range SX variant and $1500 on the base model Ascent.

2017 Toyota Corolla Ascent sedan with safety pack.

Lane departure warning alerts the driver when drifting out of a designated lane

Additional updates now include a 7-inch touchscreen display is added to the Ascent, satellite navigation in the SX and bi-LED headlights in the ZR. Along with other equipment like Toyota Link2 which offers digital radio, a fuel and destination finder, and weather info for $500 added to the Ascent’s manufacturer’s list price.

Emergency hazard lights deploy when hard braking is performed across the sedan range.

Noise, vibration and harshness has also been reduced with tweaks to body moulding to decrease wind turbulence inside the front wheelarches, and improved insulation. Wider shock absorbers and revised suspension tune improves handling and reduces body roll.

The Corolla’s engine remains relatively unchanged with 103kW and 173Nm of torque and revisions to throttle response.

The Ascent with manual transmission starts the new Corolla range at $21,240MRLP.

The Corolla hatch range also now comes with collision avoidance technology, standard on top-of-the-range Corolla ZR hatch ($30,020MRLP) and a $750 option on Ascent (base model no longer offered with manual gearbox), Ascent Sport, SX and Hybrid.

Corolla first arrived in Australian dealerships in 1967 and in 2016 was the highest selling passenger car with 40,330 units sold.


2017 Corolla Ascent hatch with $750 Safety Pack


2017 Corolla sedan