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Tougher penalties on alcohol and drug driving will be enforced on Victorian roads by the end of the month.

After April 30 if a driver is caught exceeding .05 or under the influence of drugs there will be an automatic loss of licence, alongside a compulsory drink driver ‘behaviour change’ program.

Once drivers are re-licensed there will be a requirement to have an alcohol interlock device installed on any vehicles operated by the driver for at least six months.

The details on the newly introduced laws are as follows:

New drink laws

If you get caught at .05 you’ll:

  • Automatically lose your licence
  • Need to complete a compulsory drink driver behaviour change program; and
  • Need to get an alcohol interlock installed in any vehicle you drive (once re-licensed) for at least six months.

This also applies to commercial drivers who commit their first drink driving offence with a BAC under .05.

New drug laws

If you get caught with drugs in your system you’ll lose your licence for a minimum of six months (instead of three) and will also need to complete a drug driver program behaviour change program (at your own cost) before getting your licence back.

About the Behaviour Change Programs

If you commit a drink or drug driving offence on or after 30 April 2018, you must complete at least one program before getting your licence back.
The type of program you’ll need to complete will depend on your offence, but as a guide, they’re up to 12 hours long and are split over several days.

The new program replaces the existing education program and includes alcohol screening and assessment, motivational and behaviour change techniques to address the underlying causes of drink and/or drug driving. It can also provide referrals to specialist treatment services for people with a serious alcohol and/or drug problem.